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Bits from the release team: Winter is Coming (but not to South Africa)

We are busy with work and gin at DebConf 16, so here is a summary of what
we've been up to.

Stretch Freeze

The freeze will begin on 5th November 2016. To recap:

  * 2016-11-05 Transition freeze
  * 2016-12-05 Mandatory 10-day migrations
  * 2017-01-05 Soft freeze
  * 2017-02-05 Full freeze

Auto removals from testing will continue throughout.

The freeze policy has been updated and is available for your perusal:

Call for Artwork

Niels Thykier is co-ordinating artwork, but he needs submissions.
Please see https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2016/06/msg00001.html

release.debian.org is moving

The Release Team tools, website and other resources (including `britney`
output) are moving to a new DSA host. There will be some disruption during
this move, including suspending `britney` at times.  Please bear with us
while we complete this work.

As part of the move, the `testing.pl` script is being deprecated and will
eventually be removed. It is unmaintained and no longer shows an accurate
version of reality.


The release managers have determined that Debian 11 will be named Bullseye.

For the release team:
Jonathan Wiltshire                                      jmw@debian.org
Debian Developer                         http://people.debian.org/~jmw

4096R: 0xD3524C51 / 0A55 B7C5 1223 3942 86EC  74C3 5394 479D D352 4C51

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