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Bits from the 8th Debian Groupware Meeting

The 8th Debian Groupware Meeting[1] was held in the LinuxHotel, Essen,
Germany[2]. We were 10 people altogether.

This is a short overview what we worked on and achieved during the

* SOGo got updated to the latest upstream version in unstable.

* Updated the libwbxml package to the latest upstream release and
  modernized the packaging (the last upload was more than 5 years ago).

* Icedove, Icedove-l10n and Iceowl-l10n got updated to 38.0~b2 (now at

* calendar-exchange-provider got updated to it's latest upstream

* Zarafa/Giraffe[#658433] got updated to the current 7.2 pre
  release, dbconfig-common support was added. The packaging was
  cleaned up and we made good progress on getting this into unstable.
  Two security issues were found and reported upstream.

* Initial packaging of zarafa-webapp started[#783640] and was
  tested against the above package. No upload to the archive happened
  yet since there were some licensing issues to be resolved and we
  need zarafa in first. Integration with Apache 2.4 was added.

* We revived and uploaded libvmime that was removed from Jessie and
  fixes necessary for zarafa were added.

* Several issues when building OpenChange against recent versions of
  Samba were fixed.

We again had a nice mix of first time Debian contributors, Debian
Maintainers, Upstreams and Debian Developers with lots of room for
discussion, barbecue and pair programming which made this an exciting

 -- Guido (on behalf of the Debian Groupware Meeting attendees)

[1]: https://wiki.debian.org/GroupwareMeeting2015-04-24to26
[2]: http://www.linuxhotel.de/community.html
[#658433]: http://bugs.debian.org/658433
[#783640]: http://bugs.debian.org/783640

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