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DebConf15 Invited speakers

Hello everybody,

This year, on top of the many excellent contributed talks, BoFs, and
other events always part of DebConf (some of which have already been
announced) we are excited to have confirmed the following keynote

During the Open Weekend (Saturday, August 15th and Sunday, August 16th),
we will have keynotes delivered by:

* Bradley M. Kuhn *
President, Software Freedom Conservancy / Board of Directors, Free
Software Foundation

Bradley M. Kuhn is the President and Distinguished Technologist at
Software Freedom Conservancy. A long-time contributor to and volunteer
of various Free Software projects, Kuhn spent five years working for
the Free Software Foundation (FSF) from 2000, serving as its
Executive Director from 2001-2005. During this time, he led FSF's
GPL enforcement, launched its Associate Member program, and invented
the Affero GPL.  Kuhn was appointed President of Software Freedom
Conservancy in April 2006, was Conservancy's primary volunteer from
2006-2010, and has been a full-time staffer since early 2011. He is 
also on the Board of Directors of the FSF, editor-in-chief of 
copyleft.org and the co-host of the 'Free as in Freedom' podcast'.

* Werner Koch *
Creator and Lead Developer, GnuPG Project / g10 Code GmbH

Werner Koch is a German Free Software developer and the managing
director of g10 Code GmbH, a company specialized in development of Free
Software based security applications. He is best known as the principal 
author of the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG), a Free Software mail encryption 
program according to the OpenPGP and S/MIME standards. Koch is also a 
founding member of the Free Software Foundation Europe.

* Bdale Garbee *
Chief Technologist Open Source and Linux, HP / Debian Project

Bdale Garbee drives open source strategy and advocacy within
Hewlett-Packard as an HP Fellow in the CTO Office. Most recently,
he was HP Chief Technologist for Open Source and Linux. He took early
retirement in 2012 and served briefly as Senior Open Source Adviser to
Samsung before returning to HP in 2014. Garbee has been a Debian
developer since the earliest days of the project, serving as Debian
Project Leader (DPL) from 2002-2003 and as a longtime Chairman of the
Debian Technical Committee, of which he is still a member. Garbee is
further president of Software in the Public Interest, represents the
interests of individual members and developers on the board of
directors of the Linux Foundation, and serves on the board of the 
Freedombox Foundation.

On the last day of DebConf, we look forward to the closing keynote by:

* Jacob Appelbaum *
Security Researcher and Journalist / Tor Project

Jacob Appelbaum is an American independent computer security
researcher, artist and journalist. Currently, Appelbaum is a core
member, developer and spokesperson of the Tor project (a free software
network designed to provide online anonymity), a Debian Developer and a
Freedom of the Press Foundation Technical Advisory Board member.
Appelbaum has co-authored several articles on surveillance published in
the German Der Spiegel magazine. His work as an artist includes the
Autonomy Cube - a Debian GNU/Linux powered minimalist sculpture.

For more information about our invited speakers, please see:

Citizenfour Screening

Additionally, there will be a screening of the Citizenfour [1] movie,
winner of the Best Documentary Feature Academy Award on the evening of
Friday, August 21st.

You still have time to submit your talk

There are only a few days left before the end of the Call for Proposals 
on June 15th. Events submitted after that date might not be part of the 
official DebConf schedule. So, please, hurry, check out the proposal 
submission guide [2] and submit your event.

Regards from the DebConf Team

[1]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citizenfour
[2]: http://debconf15.debconf.org/proposals.xhtml

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