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Updating the DebConf chairs delegation

Dear developers,

The time has come to update the DebConf Chairs delegation again.
Rotation is an important aspect of a healthy DebConf orga team, and
Moray has expressed the will to retire from the position some time ago,
but he graciously stayed until a new member had joined the team.

So please welcome Giacomo Catenazzi (cate) in his new role as a DebConf
Chair, along with Martin Ferrari and Tássia Camões. Cate has informally
worked in collaboration with the Chairs in the past few months, helping
the team to keep the ball rolling in some difficult moments. During this
period, he has shown to have the necessary skills and availability to
occupy this position and I'm glad to make it official now. Please read
the formal delegation below the dash lines.

The Chairs and myself would like to thank Moray for all his dedication
during the past years. We have witnessed great changes in the DebConf
organization structure, and Moray had a key role in implementing it. We
also want to thank him for sticking in the position until we were able
to make this announcement, even if time was a very scarce resource for
him at this moment. Due to his long experience in the position, Moray
will naturally become an advisor for the Chairs team, but he is now free
to dedicate more time to his other projects.

DebConf is an essential part of Debian, and I would encourage anyone who
is interested in helping with the team to get involved!



DebConf Chairs delegation
I hereby appoint the following developers as DebConf Chairs:
- Giacomo Catenazzi <cate>
- Martín Ferrari <tincho>
- Tássia Camões <tassia>
Any previous DebConf Chairs delegation, not explicitly listed above,
is revoked. The delegation is not time-limited. It will be
effective until further changes by present or future DPLs.

Task Description

DebConf is organized by the DebConf team (aka DebConf organization team)
which gathers members from the general Debian community and receives a
vital support from people from the location hosting the conference.
As such, the team brings together individuals who are making their first
contributions, as well as others who are long-term members of the Debian

The DebConf chairs are Debian Project delegates who act as a liaison and
a constitutional link between the DebConf team and the wider Debian
Project to ensure the success of DebConf.

 * The DebConf chairs are constitutionally responsible for the
   organization of DebConf and for the use of Debian resources (e.g.;
   money, Debian trademarks) to that end;

 * The DebConf chairs advise the DebConf team and share their experience
   of DebConf organization;

 * The DebConf chairs help the DebConf team define decision-making
   processes and a structure (such as defining sub-teams and the
   responsibilities of different roles) that suits the requirements
   of DebConf generally, and each individual edition of DebConf;

 * The DebConf chairs monitor the progress of DebConf organization and
   ensure that the defined team structure and decision-making processes
   remain functional and sufficiently efficient to ensure a successful

 * When necessary, e.g. when the DebConf team's inability to make a
   decision has an major impact on DebConf organization, or when a
   decision taken by the DebConf team is perceived by the DebConf chairs
   as creating serious risks for the organization of DebConf or for
   Debian, the DebConf chairs can override specific decisions.



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