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Bits from the NM process


There has been an impromptu DAM meeting at FOSDEM where we brainstormed
some improvements to the current situation, and here is what we came up

 * Application Managers needed

There are currently 13 people waiting for an AM to become free. Please
mail nm@debian.org to become an AM and help get them into Debian!

 * 6 months of DD requirement for AMs now just a recommendation

We realised we were losing lots of energy by letting new DDs wait 6
months before allowing them to become AM. At the same time we are
requiring previous Debian experience before becoming DD, which makes the
second waiting period mostly redundant, so we lifted it: now any DD can
become Application Manager as soon as they like. (The old rule was not
really a hard limit, but in practice, it was rarely softened. Let's make
the "soft" variant official!)

This now becomes: "you have been a DD for more than 6 months now and you
are not yet an AM, what are you waiting for?"

 * Newmaint svn repo migrated to git, NM templates are now in collab-maint

It was time to migrate the NM repo from svn to git. In the process, we
split FD-only content[1] from the NM templates, and put the NM templates
in collab-maint[2] so that all AMs, all DDs and even many Debian
Contributors can push improvements to it.

Now maintenance of the templates, like fixing of broken links, improving
the language, updating bits that became obsolete and so on, can be done
by any DD, and it being git, if an applicant spots something to improve
in a template, the AM can go "send me a patch and I'll push it!". Also,
AMs can now maintain their own branch with local tweaks, and even push
it to the repo.

[1] http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/nm/nm.git/
[2] http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/collab-maint/nm-templates.git/

 * Simplified procedure for collab-maint requests

Until now, collab-maint requests[3] required that the applicant applied
on the Alioth project page and the advocate mailed a signed request to
nm@debian.org. We figured that the first step is not really needed, and
the need to cross-reference the two separate mails makes it hard to
track progress in the FD mailbox.

So we decided to skip the need of applying on Alioth: to get
collab-maint access, now just ask a DM or DD, with whom you are going to
work, to send a *signed* email to nm@debian.org like so:

   To: nm@debian.org
   Cc: USERNAME-guest@users.alioth.debian.org
   Subject:collab-maint request
   Please add FIRSTNAME LASTNAME USERNAME-guest to collab-maint.
   We are going to work together on project PROJECTNAME".

[3] https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2012/01/msg00006.html

 * Blurring the line between AM and FD

We decided to blur the line between Application Managers and Front Desk.
Application Managers are now able to:

 - read the logs and mailboxes of other application managers
 - see the full stats overview of all the processes in

In the future we plan to also allow any AM to add log entries on any
process (but not change their state). This requires nontrivial
refactoring on the side code, though.

for the DAMs

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