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Announcing a Debian Hamradio Blend

[Forwarding to d-d-a on behalf of Iain since he can not sign as DD]

Ian R Leamonth,

In Debian GNU/linux they NEVER discussed to port other packages, infact in
different situations i discuss this on debian-hamradio and on #fsf where
they said that there was not any necessity to port the packages, and that
is left to the user the freedom, to take the packages in source code, from
third parties, to build it, and to use it.

I said: "if a user don't find a package in the mirrors, he think that does
not exist", but they prefeer to ignore what i said, belittling what i said
to them.

A day i decided to power on my Kenwood TM-255E, i was on 145.750 -600Khz,
and while i was taking my shower, i listened a radioamateur, which discuss
with another one, about the fact that on GNU/linux are not available
enough packages for hamradio.

I finished to take my shower, and again wet, i asked to break the
communication, i said my callsign: iw0fzw, my name: paolo and my locator:
jn61fu, and spoke, about the fact that there are 330 packages to port, and
not again ported on the mirrors, now, Debian Community, all of a sudden
wake up, and decides to port the packages.

So is very easy, and don't mention who said them to do this.

Awaiting for your reply,

73 paolo iw0fzw

p.s: is very easy to ignore, what say the other people, so that they can
take all the credits.

to show that they are saying the false, here i upload as attachment the
file hamradio

i asked too support to my friend Danilo to package all the sowfatware
availbale only as source code on third parties.

I should now take me for a ride by those of Debian?

how you would feel to be taken for a ride by some people?

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