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Updating the delegation for the Debian Keyring Maintainers (keyring-maint)

Dear Developers,

After he has been helping the Keyring Maintainers for some time, I am
pleased to announce that Daniel Kahn Gillmor <dkg> accepted to join the
team officially.

You will find the updated delegation below.

I also would like to use this opportunity to remind everyone that we
are undergoing a transition to remove insecure keys from the Debian
keyring. The full list of affected DDs and DMs, whose key will be
removed from the Debian keyring on 2014-12-31, was last provided in

Let's all thank Daniel, Gunnar and Jonathan for their key contribution
to Debian!

- Lucas


Keyring Maintainers delegation

I hereby delegate:

- Daniel Kahn Gillmor <dkg>
- Gunnar Wolf <gwolf>
- Jonathan McDowell <noodles>

as Debian Keyring Maintainers.

Any previous Debian Keyring Maintainers delegation, not explicitly
listed above, is revoked. The delegation is not time-limited. It will
be effective until further changes by present or future DPLs.

Task Description

The Keyring Maintenance team oversees and maintains the set of
cryptographic IDs known as the Debian keyrings, concerning Debian
Developers and Debian Maintainers. Keyring Maintainers
are responsible for tasks that include:

- In consultation with the developers, defining a security policy for
  the Debian keyrings (including, but not necessarily limited to,
  defining appropriate key types and sizes); communicating and applying
  that security policy.

- Interacting with requests from the Debian Account Mangers (DAM) or
  Debian Maintainers (DM) teams, mainly concerning the addition of
  new keys, or the transfer of keys between the different keyrings
  when a DD or DM status changes.

- Key removals, based on requests from DAM or the DD and DM

- Key replacements based on requests by the DD and DM, while ensuring
  that the replacements meet the defined security policy.

- Incorporating and verifying ("folding in") key updates sent via HKP
  to keyring.debian.org.

- Contributing to the sharing and documentation of good practices about
  key management inside the Debian community.

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