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incoming.debian.org opens its doors to the public


incoming.debian.org is used to publish recently uploaded source and
binary packages before they reach the mirror network of the main
archive. Until now, however, with the exception of the buildd network,
it has not been possible to verify the integrity of the files. This was
traditionally because we did not want to load ftp-master.debian.org by
many users downloading files.

Several people informed us that it would make their work on Debian
easier, if they had a way to securely access these packages. So we
decided to implement some changes to incoming.debian.org:

First, the archive used by buildds is now publically accessible in
http://incoming.debian.org/debian-buildd/. This location provides access
to all recently uploaded packages, split into individual suites, and
provides the neccessary metadata for APT to verify the integrity of the
published files. See [1] for details.

  [1] <http://incoming.debian.org/HEADER.html>

Secondly, source and binary packages are no longer published directly on
http://incoming.debian.org/. Instead, people are encouraged to use the
pool layout described above which is configured per-suite and contains
Release files which have been signed in the normal way.

We would also like to thank the Debian System Administration team who
quickly setup the static mirror setup for the new incoming.d.o, thus
making this possible.  We would also like to thank the wanna-build and
buildd team for making the relevant changes to the buildds quickly so
that we could make this change live.


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