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Updating the DebConf Chairs delegation

Dear Developers,

As you might be aware, Holger Levsen and Gunnar Wolf resigned from
their role of DebConf Chairs earlier this year. I would like to
sincerely thank them for their numerous years of contributions to making
DebConf such a successful and major event. I'm sure many of us can
think of great things DebConf brought to the Debian project and to
our wider community, both on technical and social levels, and Holger and
Gunnar both had a huge role in those achievements.

I am very happy to announce that Martín Ferrari and Tássia Camões
agreed to become DebConf chairs. As Tássia is not a Debian Developer yet,
she cannot be officially delegated yet, but I expect this not to make any
difference for her work as a DebConf Chair.

As DebConf'14 is now fast approaching, it has been agreed within Chairs
that Martín and Tássia will mainly focus on DebConf'15 topics, while
Moray will mainly focus on DebConf'14.

There has also been a lot of (useful) discussions about DebConf
governance, and I would like everyone (Chairs included!) to have an open
mind about possible improvements to the way we organize DebConfs. I am
fully aware that this update of the Chairs delegation is probably less
disruptive than some of you would have hoped, but it should not be taken
as a final decision against more major changes to DebConf organizations.
I just do not think that we reached consensus yet, and would like to
encourage further discussions on the topic, possibly targetting
smaller-scale changes first rather than a complete overhaul of how we see
DebConf organization, to make a transition easier.

Finally, before moving to the official delegation (between dashed lines,
below), I would like to thank Moray Allan for being extremely helpful
with seeking DebConf chairs during the past months. The process involved
discussions with long-term members of the DebConf team as well as
representative members of the DebConf'14 and DebConf'15 teams.

- Lucas


DebConf Chairs delegation

I hereby appoint the following developers as DebConf Chairs:

- Moray Allan <moray>
- Martín Ferrari <tincho>

Additionally, even though not officially delegated, Tássia Camões is
also a member of the Chairs group.

Any previous DebConf Chairs delegation, not explicitly listed above,
is revoked. The delegation is not time-limited. It will be
effective until further changes by present or future DPLs.

Task Description

DebConf is organized by the DebConf team (aka DebConf organization team),
that gathers many Debian contributors, both from the general Debian
community and from a local team, including some who are making their
first contributions by helping with local organization, as well as others
who are long-term members of the Debian community.

The DebConf chairs are Debian Project delegates who act as a liaison and
a constitutional link between the DebConf team and the wider Debian
Project to ensure the success of DebConf.


 * The DebConf chairs are constitutionally responsible for the
   organization of DebConf and for the use of Debian resources (e.g.;
   money, Debian trademarks) to that end;

 * The DebConf chairs advise the DebConf team and share their experience
   of DebConf organization;

 * The DebConf chairs help the DebConf team define decision-making
   processes and a structure (such as defining sub-teams and the
   responsibilities of different roles) that suits the requirements
   of DebConf generally, and each individual edition of DebConf;

 * The DebConf chairs monitor the progress of DebConf organization and
   ensure that the defined team structure and decision-making processes
   remain functional and sufficiently efficient to ensure a successful

 * When necessary, e.g. when the DebConf team's inability to make a
   decision has an major impact on DebConf organization, or when a
   decision taken by the DebConf team is perceived by the DebConf chairs
   as creating serious risks for the organization of DebConf or for
   Debian, the DebConf chairs can override specific decisions.


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