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Freeze of udeb-producing packages for d-i releases


just to let you know: packages producing udebs will get frozen from time
to time, when a d-i release is getting prepared. The list of currently
affected packages can be found in the following release hints file:


If you want to learn a bit more about the reasons behind this, you can
read the following blog post of mine:


TL;DR: d-i is built upon many moving parts, testing takes some time and
sometimes regressions happen right before final installation images get
built. Avoiding such situations is the reason behind such udeb freezes.

As a maintainer, if you feel your package should be unblocked during
such a udeb freeze, you can always contact debian-release@ so that
someone (likely me) looks into your package. You're welcome to have
debian-boot@ in copy so that other members of the installer team have an
opportunity to send some feedback.

Depending on the amount of changes and (planned or tested) consequences
for d-i, your package might be unblocked or might wait until after the

Hopefully such freezes will only last for a few days, probably from
a given debian-installer upload until a successful installation image

The freeze for Jessie Beta 1 has been put into place today, and will be
lifted as soon as the release is published.

Thanks for your attention and for your patience.


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