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Debian single sigon can now use Alioth credentials


https://sso.debian.org/sso/login can now use Alioth credentials on the
Alioth login form!

What this means in practice:
 - You can go to https://contributors.debian.org, click "login" and it
   works. If someone adds you as an admin for a data source, you can
   manage it like any other DD. This means that you can fully take care
   of the data source for your team even if you are not a DD: you only
   need a DD to create the data source and add you as an admin.
 - You can see more details in your personal page on

That's it for now, but this unlocks implementing more: next in the todo
list is a personal preferences page, where you can control what is
visible of your contributions, and claim email addresses as belonging to
you. Stay tuned for another announcement in a few weeks.

nm.debian.org does not currently accept Alioth credentials. It will, but
before that happens I need to do a complete code review and add unit
tests to make sure the authorisation code is doing the right thing.

This is also paving the way for adding non-DD access to web services in
Debian, like the spam review interface, optional non-anonymous
contributions to debtags.debian.net, and who knows what the future has
in store. What has been unthinkable for years has now become thinkable.




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