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Operation to recruit new contributors: projects needed


Debian France[1] is organizing a small GSOC-like operation to recruit
new Debian contributors. It will be mainly of interest for French-speaking
candidates since the reward is a paperback copy of the French translation[2]
of the Debian Administrator's Handbook[3] (other rewards might be added
in the upcoming days).

That said, like all Debian contributors, the candidates are expected to be
able to interact in English and as such, it's perfectly OK to have
projects mentored by Debian developers from all around. Obviously knowing
French is a plus to smooth the interactions with the candidate.

We're now actively looking for potential mentors to propose projects. The
scope of the projects is much smaller than a Google Summer of Code. It
should be doable by volunteers on their spare time over 1-2 months, so we
suggest projects in the range of 16-32 hours of work.

Use this opportunity to try to enlarge your team, find new developers on
some infrastructure that you manage, etc. It's perfectly possible to
have packaging-related projects (either multiple small software, or
a sizable one, or just regular maintenance within a team). We can go up
to 15-20 projects. So add your ideas now!

Register projects that you want to mentor on this wiki page:

Please register your projects before March 10th.

Thank you!

[1] http://france.debian.net
[2] http://raphaelhertzog.fr/livre/cahier-admin-debian/
[3] http://debian-handbook.info
Raphaël Hertzog ◈ Debian Developer

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