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Technical committee appointment


As defined by our constitution (§ 6.2.2), the Technical Committee has just 
recommended[1] the appointment of Keith Packard <keithp> as a member of
the TC.

I am very happy to follow this recommendation, and have now confirmed that
Keith didn't change his mind after looking at the interesting challenges
ahead. ;)

Keith, welcome to our Technical Committee!

For reference, the members of the Debian Technical Committee are now:

     chairman     Bdale Garbee
     member       Russ Allbery 
     member       Don Armstrong 
     member       Andreas Barth 
     member       Ian Jackson 
     member       Steve Langasek 
     member       Keith Packard
     member       Colin Watson

- Lucas

[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2013/11/msg00008.html

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