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Technical Committee proposes Keith Packard to fill vacant TC seat

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The Technical Committee has passed the following resolution:
   1. The Technical Committee thanks all the candidates who put
      themselves forward for the vacant TC seat.
   2. We appreciate the opportunity to select from a strong field of
   3. We propose to the DPL that Keith Packard should be appointed
      to the TC.  (Constitution 6.2(2))


In mid 2012 we took nominations from the project at large for a
possible addition to the Debian Technical Committee.  We received a
number of nominations, both self-nominations and suggestions from
co-contributors.  In December 2012 we asked each of the suggested
nominees whether they were willing.  Unfortunately there was a hiatus
in the process until September 2013, at which point we collated the
nominees' responses.

The resulting longlist of nominees who said they were willing was:
    Michael Biebl
    Julien Cristau
    Raphael Hertzog
    Philipp Kern
    Keith Packard
    Craig Small
We apologise for not having published this list at the time.

During September, October and November we discussed privately the
merits of the candidates.  We were pleased with the strength of the
field of candidates, although the lack of some kinds of diversity
(particular, gender diversity) was disappointing.

After our private discussion had come to a natural end, with everyone
having said what they felt was important, we moved onto the formal
vote.  The voting process is constitutionally defined: any TC member
may nominate a candidate to be voted on by other TC members; there is
then a Condorcet vote between those options and Further Discussion.

TC members nominated a shortlist of two candidates:
    Philipp Kern
    Keith Packard

The votes were as follows:

    Ian Jackson, Bdale Garbee, Russ Allbery, Andreas Barth:
        1. Keith Packard
        2. Philipp Kern
        3. Further Discussion

    Don Armstrong, Steve Langasek, Colin Watson:
        1. Philipp Kern
        2. Keith Packard
        3. Further Discussion

Once again, thanks to everyone who stood.

The Debian Project Leader now has the opportunity to confirm, or to
reject, the nomination.

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