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porter chroots update


We have recently changed the way we handle chroots on our porting
infrastructure.  The main benefits from a user point of view are:
  o You can now access environments with experimental and backports
    repositories enabled.
  o You can install build dependencies yourself, without having
    to mail debian-admin.

We are using schroot for basic chroot set up and use, and provide an
additional wrapper script to allow installing build dependencies.

A typical use case might look like this:

} weasel@zelenka:~$ schroot --begin-session -n weasel-tor -c experimental
} I: 00check: Untarring chroot environment.  This might take a minute or two.
} weasel@zelenka:~$ dd-schroot-cmd -c weasel-tor apt-get update
} weasel@zelenka:~$ dd-schroot-cmd -c weasel-tor apt-get build-dep tor
} weasel@zelenka:~$ dd-schroot-cmd -c weasel-tor apt-get install {gcc,cpp}/experimental
} weasel@zelenka:~$ schroot --run-session -c weasel-tor
} [weasel-tor] weasel@zelenka:~$ [do stuff]
} weasel@zelenka:~$ schroot --end-session -c weasel-tor

Please do not forget to end sessions after you no longer need them.  The
schroot-list-sessions script will show you open sessions that you

In order to conserve disk space we will probably have to implement
something that garbage collects forgotten schroots.  If you all clean up
behind you however we will be able to keep around environments that are
actually being used for longer.

Most likely we will extend this cleanup policy to home directories on
porting machines as well.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask on either debian-admin, or
debian-project, as appropriate.

weasel, for DSA

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