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Second CfT for the FOSDEM 2013 cross-distributions devroom: deadline extended

Hi folks,

The deadline for the 2013 cross-distributions devroom expired last week,
but the talk proposals received so far amount to only about half the
time available. As such, the deadline was extended to the end of the

As such, I'd like to reiterate my request from early november[1] for
people to send in talks about subjects related to Debian. These can be
subjects of interest to a larger audience than just Debian people, but
don't have to be; any subject is welcome.

Please see the original announcement for the information required for a
talk proposal.


[1]: https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2012/11/msg00004.html

Copyshops should do vouchers. So that next time some bureaucracy requires you
to mail a form in triplicate, you can mail it just once, add a voucher, and
save on postage.

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