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Debian linux-2.6 Paris meeting

The Debian kernel Team met in Paris during the Paris mini-Debconf,
as we did last year in Portland at Linux Plumbers 2009.
Not only did we release 2.6.32-27 "We'll Always Have Paris".

A short summary of this productive meeting is:

* No virtualisation feature images for Wheezy:
  KVM, Linux Containers and Xen are all to be in default linux-2.6.

* We decided to finally use git immediately after the Squeeze release.
* `make deb-pkg' sees further uptake and will see further enhancements.

* We appeal for an interested maintainer to have RT images in Debian.

* External intrusive patches such as Fedora's NX emulation will not be
  accepted before they go upstream.

* No additional LSM module without built in cost reduction.

* Investigation of automated testing: There is a need for a Debian
  infrastructure for automatic linux-2.6 build and boot testing.

* Work needed for better d-i (Debian Installer) linux-2.6 module generation.

* Work needed to debloat current full image to a sensible default.

* initramfs-tools has stable MODULES=dep for squeeze.
  klibc ipconfig has fixes for large cluster netbooting.

* Almost all of Debian patches are upstream in 2.6.37.
  Only minor stuff needs upstreaming.

The long story can be found here:

happy hacking


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