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Mini DebConf in Berlin, Germany, June 10th/11th

Hi everyone!

I hope you all have already seen at least parts of our preparation for a
Mini DebConf in Berlin this year. There are various posts on planet,
some mails on -project and -events-eu and -- as I saw just today -- even
identi.ca is not spared. If you haven't heard of it, this is your

Every year the LinuxTag (Linux day) is a four-day event in Berlin,
Germany, likely comparable to other OpenSource events. It provides
talks, discussion and a lot of booths of various Free Software projects.
This year's LinuxTag will be on June 9th till 12th. Since it's held on a
huge fairground, we were able to get quite some piece of it for our own 
use. We will have two areas, one for talks, the other as a hack lab and 
use right the middle of the LinuxTag for the Mini DebConf: June 10th and 
11th -- with the hack lab open all through the night of course.

Finding sponsors was the hardest deal in the beginning and we're not 
done with it yet. We got enough money, though, to make the decision and 
we still hope to get everything covered. Luckily we also have hardware
sponsors and help on various issues we would not be able to deal with on
our own. What's still missing, is you! :)

The schedule for the talks is almost full, yet the hack lab could need
more man power. Our idea is -- since we will be in freeze by then,
right? -- to do a BSP incl. help for newbies. That means we will not 
only try to help users, we also would like to teach how to squash bugs
and thus attract possible maintainers and other contributors. All that
of course only works if we are enough people there.

Now I understand this might seem to be only attractive to german
developers as most of the talks will be held in german. But I strongly
believe we can deal with it if you don't speak german. :) And at least
on the first day of the event, you can meet our new DPL zack who will
have the pleasure to provide the opening talk. Yay!

Having said all this, you are more than invited to attend and help. Find
more info (and a way to offer help) in the debconf wiki and enjoy more
press announcements within the next few weeks.

on behalf of the team

/join #debian-miniconf-berlin (on OFTC)

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