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libjpeg-dev and priorities


Short summary: You do not need to upload your package at this time just to
change from libjpeg62-dev to libjpeg-dev.  However, if you upload anyways,
that change is appreciated.  Otherwise, if you have too much time at your
hands or want to help the release of Squeeze, grab any other of our RC bugs
that needs to be fixed.

Long status and reasoning: We currently have the transition from libjpeg62
to libjpeg8 that is risking to set back the release of Squeeze for a couple
of weeks, due to an uncoordinated, unplanned transition.

Changing the build-dependencies from libjpeg62-dev to libjpeg-dev is a good
idea, but we can't hold our breath for all more than 230 packages.  For
this reason, the release team is currently evaluating an alternative
approach that avoids the necessity of these changes (i.e. by uploading an
transition libjpeg62-dev-package that just points to libjpeg-dev).  We are
going to make sure that a sane approach is implemented soon.  Also, it
might be that we just detected some bad issues with the new packages, but
that's currently under investigation; this might even recommend a rollback
- we will see.  Anyways, changing to libjpeg-dev would work even in case a
rollback happens - so this is ok/appreciated, but not too urgent.

Debian Release Team

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