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JPEG 8 transition

Dear developers,

As some of you have guessed, we are transitionning from libjpeg62 to libjpeg8.
Sorry for the trouble.

The first step is to fix packages that Depend on 'libjpeg62-dev'.  They should
Depend on 'libjpeg-dev' instead. Please do not make them Depend on
'libjpeg8-dev', or 'libjpeg-dev|libjpeg62-dev' or 'libjpeg-dev|libjpeg8-dev' or
other combinaisons since this is useless and can only cause problem is the

The second step would be to fix packages that Build-Depend on 'libjpeg62-dev'
to Build-Depend on 'libjpeg-dev' instead, but that might make theirs
build-dependencies unsatisfiable until they have been fixed. Again, please do
not make them Build-Depend on 'libjpeg8-dev', or 'libjpeg-dev|libjpeg62-dev' or
'libjpeg-dev|libjpeg8-dev' or other combinaisons.  

Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

Imagine a large red swirl here. 

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