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some mail handling updates

Hello everyone,

Over the past year or two, lots of changes have been made to the mail
handling for user mail accounts, and there are plenty of other changes
planned for the future.  All the changes below do not affect liszt or

Some notable changes:
 - A single mail configuration template for all d.o machines
 - The busier machines use clamav with 3rd party signatures for scanning
 - packages.d.o uses spamassassin on all mail at smtp time
 - The BTS uses greylisting
 - Most machines now route through a set of gateway MXes for inbound and
   outbound delivery, letting those machines spend more time doing what
   they're meant to and less time fighting spam.

 - Users can set the envelope for their mail
 - Users can decide whether a mail should be rejected, marked up, or 
   blackholed if it gets a 'hit' during content inspection

 - Teams can have group writable mboxes or not
 - Teams can use the same anti-spam techniques (RBLs, callouts,
   greylisting, etc) as regular user accounts.
 - Teams can have some aliases be only addressable from within the d.o

Things planned for the future:
 - Breaking up the conflation between @debian.org and @$machine.debian.org
   mail handling (more on this in a seperate mail)
 - BATV checking (there is support in ud-ldap, just not yet in the exim
 - Users can decide to opt out of the default anti-spam setup in place.

One of the happy side effects of this is a substantial reduction in spam
across the estate.  We've stopped accepting roughly half a million mails
a day that were obviously spam, although of course we can do better.
One way you can help yourself is to log in to db.debian.org and select
the anti-spam options you feel would be helpful for your account.
For DNSBLs and RHSBLs, you'll need to use the mail gateway, as there is
not yet support in the web interface.

More notes on what the various fields mean and how they will be used can
seen in the very meager documentation [0] and more accurately here [1].

|   ,''`.                                            Stephen Gran |
|  : :' :                                        sgran@debian.org |
|  `. `'                        Debian user, admin, and developer |
|    `-                                     http://www.debian.org |
[0] http://db.debian.org/doc-mail-handling.html
[1] http://git.debian.org/?p=mirror/dsa-puppet.git;a=tree;f=modules/exim;h=HEAD

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