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Bits from the ftp-team


Just a quick update on goings on in ftpmaster after the meeting last week.
We'll be sending out a full report as soon as we've finished writing it, but we
wanted to make people aware of a few things.

First of all, the following parts of the archive are temporarily

 * NEW processing (sometime this week)
 * {o-,}p-u-new to {o-,}p-u migration (sometime this week)

These two just need some converting to handle the new way of processing
packages.  Members of the ftpteam are already working on patches to the code
and it should be done sometime this week.

 * queue cleaning
 * suite cleaning

Likewise, this is simply an update to take into account internal changes in the
way dak handles the buildd queue (and incoming.debian.org, the public view of
what has recently been accepted).  These changes will however allow us to make
suites other than unstable available for building as seperate queues in the
same way as unstable is handled (where appropriate and wanted).  We're hoping
to have these fixed either today or tomorrow morning to avoid the queues
growing out of control.

 * new fingerprint importing

This is a relatively trivial to fix and is just a path / database mismatch, but
we want to check that nowhere else in the code will be affected.  Should be
done by the end of the week.

One final announcement for now is that #debian-ftp is now an open channel.  In
future, requests which used to involve pinging random members of the ftp-team
and hoping they were available should be directed to this channel.  The channel
should be considered analagous to #debian-release or #debian-admin in that it's
not a general discussion and chat channel, but people are welcome to idle there
as long as this is remembered.  The rationale for this is that too much traffic
on the channel will defeat its purpose which is for the ftp-team to jump to it
should they see any activity on it.

Thanks for your patience with all of these changes.


(on behalf of the ftp-team)

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