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do not upload stuff re mysql / octave / ...-transition


currently there is the large mysql / octave / hdf* / nattle /
...-transition going on which includes about 170 source package
changes and about 120 binary changes (recompilations) for every arch.

The transition is now mostly ready, but we have quite a few packages
being uploaded only recently, like e.g. today. We would like to give
all packages adequate testing before pushing them to testing, so we
need to have all packages at least aged for 4 days.

Please help us in getting the transition done, and do not upload any
package that links to any of the mentioned packages for the next few
days (especially bad are dependencies on libmysqlclient*), i.e. if you
have any link to mysql, octave or debian-gis, please do not upload.
The only exception to this are uploads that are necessary to get this
transition done, and are acked by me.

(The only other way would be to push packages to testing which are
untested, or remove packages from testing only for the reason they
have been recently uploaded to unstable - and we like neither of that)

I'll send a followup mail as soon as either this is done, or some
not-yet-detected blocker comes up (which so big transitions one never

Thanks for your support.


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