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OpenMoko Freerunner phones discounted for DebConf attendees

Hello, world.

The folks at Tuxbrain have a surprise for DebConf attendees, with
which they want to support the community and drive innovation and

For €249 incl. 16% VAT (deductable upon presentation of a valid EU
VAT ID), you can pre-order:

  - a "buzz-free" Openmoko Neo Freerunner phone (A7)
    ("buzz-free" means it's free of the infamous "buzz" bug)
  - an extra battery
  - a headset
  - a debugging board (v3)

to be handed over at the conference. Please note that at the moment,
we can only offer the 900MHz version (EU, not US), but we are trying
to get our hands on a few A6s which will have the buzz fix applied.

This offer is limited to registered attendees who pick up the phone
themselves at the conference. There's one phone per attendee. We
will not mail the phone, nor let others pick it up for you. Tuxbrain
are shouldering a lot of logistics, costs, and efforts to make this
offer possible, without any margin to themselves, so we have to take
these measures to prevent them from serving as a public charity.

Still excited? Then log in to Penta
and follow the link in the left pane, "Freerunner for DebConf
attendees". The rest is between you and the web shop.

Please note that you have to order this well in advance of the
conference. The deadline for orders is 30 June.

If you have any problems, please contact David Reyes Samblas
Martinez (david--tuxbrain-com).

About Tuxbrain, http://tuxbrain.com :
Tuxbrain was born by David Samblas and Víctor Remolina as a vehicle
to innovate through collaboration. The company develops knowledge
and fosters its exchange with the FOSS community. Its business aims
to enable to offer affordable hardware products to help further
spread Open Source on these.

All of the products distributed and supported by Tuxbrain are also
supported by Debian; the OpenMoko NEO Freerunner phone works with
the pristine Debian "arm" port, and can boot different Debian

Furthermore, Tuxbrain promotes and contributes to two Debian
derivatives optimised for the Freerunner phone:

  Hackable1 -- http://hackable1.org -- is based on the GNOME Mobile
  platform and aims to be a quickly deployable development platform.

  FYP -- http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Fyp -- uses LXDE and Zhone
  and has the goal to provide a user-friendly, fully-featured
  desktop environment that fits into 256Mb of flash memory.

 .''`.   martin f. krafft <madduck@debconf.org>
: :'  :  DebConf orga team; press officer
`. `'`
  `-  DebConf9: 24-30 Jul 2009, Extremadura, ES: http://debconf9.debconf.org
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but the second mouse gets the cheese in the trap.

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