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FOSDEM videos released

blogging (1-203) life; title=FOSDEM videos released
  * In a nice coincedence with the release of Lenny (cheers!!1), the 
    [1 low-quality versions] of the videos from the [2 Debian DevRoom] at 
    FOSDEM 2009 are available now!

  * Better quality versions will be encoded and uploaded by Ben over the next
    days. I'd also like to collect the slides from the talks there, so if you 
    had a talk there, please send them to Wouter and/or me, and Wouter, please 
    send me the slides you collected on the presetation computer ;-)

  * Basically I'm very happy with our results, excpet for two things: sadly 
    the computer running dvswitch wasn't powerful enough to do picture in 
    picture (and due to time constraints we we'rent able to switch to a more 
    powerful one), so we'll have to plan this better next year. And second, I 
    have no real clue how useful our streaming efforts are, I believe the 
    recordings are useful, but in both cases feedback from people who find 
    them useful is appreciated! Covering FOSDEM is certainly a lot of fun, but 
    it's also a lot of work and leaves not much room for seeing other parts of 
    the conference. So a short reply (I'll post this to d-d-a with reply-to 
    set to -project) will be very much appreciated! :)

  * Big thanks go to Womble2, edrz, xerrako, Q_, danielsan, DaCa, tokkee,  
    luca, Yoe, Ganneff, franklin, huhn, luk, CarlFK, daven and some more  
    volunteers I cannot remember right now! Also not to be forgotten the  
    fosdem crew & volunteers for an awesome event and the people from CCC  
    Hamburg who came by car and took a lot of audio/video/computer equipment  
    for us (and left 90min later than planned! Thanks again!)! And also Debian  
    (via the DPL) for some 120 Euros to rent equiqment and for buying
    batteries and the always needed duct-tape!

  [1] http://meetings-archive.debian.net/pub/debian-meetings/2009/fosdem/
  [2] http://fosdem.org/2009/schedule/devrooms/debian

 -- Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org>  Sun, 15 Feb 2009 18:03:22 +0100

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