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Bits from the ftpteam, re Lenny/Squeeze


as you have read, the release is done and everyone now busy organizing
parties. As Mark promised we send a notice when the archive is back to
normal, here it is.

I just enabled all cronjobs again and we also had a "dinstall" run
again. In the nearly 27 hours the archive was disabled a neat 850MB of
uploads happened.

Security is also back alive and the first Lenny advisory already
happened though it was "only" an arch all package.

And while I'm on it, backports.org is also ready for Lenny backports.

bye, Joerg
"If you are using an Macintosh e-mail program that is not from Microsoft, we
recommend checking with that particular company. But most likely other e-mail
 programs like Eudora are not designed to enable virus replication" 
   -- http://www.microsoft.com/mac/products/office/2001/virus_alert.asp

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