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as the possibility to upload via ssh is something people like
we just setup an upload queue supporting this.

If you want to upload using ssh please use the hostname
ssh.upload.debian.org and place the files into
/srv/upload.debian.org/UploadQueue to get them processed.

If you use this upload queue you will receive one more mail about your
upload, at the time our queue daemon moves your files over to the
ftp.upload.debian.org host.

ssh.upload.d.o does support .commands files to remove broken uploads.

The DELAYED queue is *not* supported using ssh. If you want to upload
something with a delay, you have to use ftp.

Please always only use the symbolic names for the places to upload to
(ie ftp.upload.debian.org and ssh.upload.debian.org), do not use any
machine name directly. Queues may move at any time, without further
notice and the symbolic names will be updated.

bye, Joerg
<Joey> Joey, provide a patch then.

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