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DELAYED queue and upload hostname


for the impatient people: :)

 - the DELAYED queue is back on ftp-master
 - there is ftp.upload.debian.org, please use that in future instead of

Thanks to work from Thomas Viehmann the DELAYED queue is back on the
ftp-master host, integrated with the normal processing tools. The
current service provided by Tollef[1] is probably going away sometime

To upload your files with a waiting delay before they enter Debian,
upload them into a subdirectory of the new DELAYED/ you can find at the
normal ftp upload place. Packages uploaded into the X-day (X between 0
and 15) subdirectories of that DELAYED/ will be moved into the DEFERRED
queue and won't be placed into the archive before the waiting time is

To avoid confusion, the terms used are:
DELAYED  - the public ftp upload directories, reachable via DELAYED/X-day

DEFERRED - this is the place where the uploads are placed by the queue
           daemon after processing and where packages wait before they
           are moved into the incoming queue.

You can modify the queues (besides uploading packages) with *.commands
files, using the following syntax.

 Note that any processing in the DEFERRED queue works on whole uploads
 (i.e. a .changes file and all the files that came with it), whereas
 operations in the DELAYED queue (and the normal ftp root directory)
 work on individual files.

 - To move a package from one DEFERRED directory into another, say
   from 8-days to 2-days delay:
   reschedule foo_1.2-1.1_all.changes 2-day

   The move-target has to be without the trailing /.

 - To delete an upload (and all associated files) in the DEFERRED queue:
   cancel foo_1.2-1.1_all.changes

 - To delete a broken upload in the DELAYED queue:
   rm DELAYED/X-day/foobar.deb


   rm --searchdirs foobar*

 - The old mv command is no longer supported.

Wildcards in .commands files are only valid for the DELAYED queue and
its rm command, the DEFERRED queue commands cancel and reschedule do
not allow them.

There will be an overview of the DEFERRED queue at

[1] Thank you for doing that work.

To untie the upload queue from the archive DSA setup an alias to be used
for future uploads. Please change your configuration of dput, dupload or
whatever you use to no longer use ftp-master.debian.org but
ftp.upload.debian.org instead.

bye, Joerg
<madduck> and yes, the ftpmasters are not the most clueful people

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