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people.debian.org to move to ravel


we shipped one of the machines that HP had so graciously donated a while
ago to Canada where UBC Electrical and Computer Engineering kindly
agreed to host it.

This machine, ravel.debian.org, will become the new people.debian.org
machine, providing general shell services to DDs and the
http://people.debian.org/~<user>/ webpages.

We currently plan to switch the DNS entry late in September, details to be
announced on the d-i-a list[1].

If you offer files on http://people.debian.org/~<user>/ that you wish to
be available after the switch please make sure they are on ravel in
their proper place in ~/public_html.  We have a copy of most of gluck's
/home filesystem as of a few days ago in /srv/gluck-home-2008-08 on
ravel so you can just move the stuff from there to your new
homedirectory and then do a quick rsync if stuff has changed (gluck
still allows password based logins).

Currently the userdirs on ravel are available at

Once you are satisfied with the content on newpeople you can instruct
apache on oldpeople to redirect requests to the new place.  On gluck
do the following:
	echo "RewriteEngine on"                                                >  ~/.public_html/.htaccess
	echo 'RewriteRule ^(.*) http://newpeople.debian.org/~'$USER'/$1 [R,L]' >> ~/.public_html/.htaccess

The webserver on ravel will only serve static pages.  Gluck's apache did
PHP but a survey done by DSA showed that it is not really needed except
in one or two instances (and those really are not people.d.o stuff but
rather frontends for the services that happen to also live on gluck).
The rationale behind this is obviously an attempt to gain a little
security from badly written and/or completely unmaintained scripts (how
about a nice gallery install from around 2003, never updated since?).

Once the move has been completed we expect to make gluck restricted to
the people operating the services that will remain on gluck, so please
clean out your homedir when you no longer need it there.

Ravel is a freshly installed system so there probably are a few packages
missing that you might need.  Please contact DSA at the debian-admin
mailinglist with requests.  Also, ssh logins are restricted to key based
logins, password based logins are not allowed.  Submit your keys to ldap
as documented on http://db.debian.org/.

Of the services currently running on gluck we expect to move at least
cvs.debian.org also to ravel.  The future of the other services is not
yet decided.  We also do not at this point know what we'll do with

For DSA,

1. http://lists.debian.org/debian-infrastructure-announce/

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