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RFA: The Debian Jr. project

The time has come for me to give up the [0]Debian Jr. project for
someone else to lead. While I still have a clear vision for it, my heart
has not been in the work for some time. It has been in "maintenance
mode" for some years with no forward motion.

My attention has shifted to leading the [1]Debian Eee PC project.  That
takes nearly 100% of my available time to work on Debian things.
What's left over mostly goes into assisting the [2]Debian Live project
in a supporting role.

Taking over leadership of a project is not something to be done
lightly.  It is a lot of dedication and requires particular skills not
everyone has.  If this is something you care about and believe you
would do well, please talk to me.

Here are just a few ideas I have to move the project forward:

* Assemble a functional team that makes regular releases, keeping the
  project moving forward at a reasonable pace.  This is the single most
  important area where I have failed the project and is the reason I
  cannot continue any longer.  If you can't accomplish this, you'll
  certainly not be able to do any of the remaining things on this
  list.  The good news is that I believe there are a few people
  remaining who would be able to help.  I count myself among them.

* Make a Debian Live / Installer image that first demos the software and
  then allows installation from the same media.

* Update the new metapackages (thanks to Andreas Tille for recently
  converting these to use cdd-dev, which is much easier to maintain) to
  improve our selection of software.  Many things from the orignal work
  that started several years ago could be replaced or supplemented by
  things that have since then entered Debian.

* Improve tagging / categorization / organization of Debian software
  suitable for children.  The goal here is to make it easy for children
  themselves and those who assist them in using their systems to
  discover new software to try.

* Review and help resolve bugs in packages within Debian Jr.  In some
  cases, take over packages that are poorly maintained (e.g. my own
  package, lmemory is in need of help -- I will give this up for
  adoption shortly).

* Update the appearance of Debian Jr.
  * Incorporate the winning entry in the logo contest into Debian
    Jr. and the web site.
  * Run another contest with debianart.org for a desktop theme
    using the logo.
  * Use this theme in the custom Live/Installer image.


[0] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianJr
[1] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEeePC
[2] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianLive

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