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[correction] Bits from the Debian Eee PC team, summer 2008

The following correction was posted as a reply to my original post.
Apparently, the list automatically redirects replies to debian-devel.
It was my intent that the correction appear here so that people who do
not subscribe to debian-devel would see it.
- - - -
As Robert Millan brought to my attention, in my enthusiasm to present
our progress towards fully Lenny support for the Eee in the best
possible light, my announcement muddied the distinction between Lenny
and non-free when I said that the earliest Eee models are now "fully
supported" in Lenny. I have corrected my blog article to make it clear
that full support will not be realized until we have ath5k. The new
first point of the article reads:

Earliest Eee models supported in Lenny

Lenny will release with the atl2 ethernet driver and the non-free
madwifi-source now works with the earliest Eee models as well, so our
patched version is no longer needed.  This means Lenny will work with
all of the earliest models of the Eee PC: 701 (2G and 4G surf, 4G, 8G)
and 900! All we need now for full support in Lenny is to replace the
non-free wireless driver with the free ath5k driver when it is ready.

Sorry for the confusion,
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