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ftpmaster: Archive mails send to sponsors too


yesterday night I merged a small patch from Thomas Viehmann into our
archive software which enables it to send a copy of all mails to the
person sponsoring the upload.

This is in affect for all *future* uploads, not for any package which
already hit the queues (like those in NEW right now).

We do
  - only sent the extra copy if it is a sourceful upload, to not spam
    buildd admins,
  - only sent the mails to sponsors who did *not* disable their
    @debian.org address.

For those interested, the process works similar to:
  - We look if the Debian login attached to the key signing the upload has
    an active @debian.org address.
  - If that is the case we look for all uids on that key that look like
    an email address and compare them with the Maintainer: and
    Changed-By: field in the .changes file.
  - If there is no match, ie. none of the "emails" of the key uids is
    in those fields, the @debian.org mail is added to the set of valid

bye, Joerg
I read the DUMP and agree to it.

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