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Bits of the gnome 1.x removal effort

  Hi there,

  I'm working for about a month to remove all the old bits of gnome 1.x
from Debian for lenny. There was about 40 packages affected not so long
time ago, it's 13 now (about half were migrated or dropped the
dependency one way or the other, the other half was bitrot and removed).

    David B. Harris:                snac
    Uwe Hermann:                    powershell
    Matthew Johnson:                gbib
    Aurelien Labrosse:              xwine
    Chris Lawrence:                 gnome-lokkit
    Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Peña: cheops-ng
    Víctor Pérez Pereira:           gfslicer
    Sergio Rua:                     gmanedit
    Alain Schroeder:                gsnes9x
    Marcela Tiznado:                gtkgo
    Guido Trotter:                  directory-administrator
    Junichi Uekawa:                 soundtracker
    Colin Watson:                   telegnome

  If there is a package you love in that list, it'd be _really_ great to
send patches to migrate them to gnome2/gtk2 libraries[0]. This is a call
for help, because it requires some knowledge of gnome/gtk core libraries
for some of those.

  As a side note, those packages have spurious build-dependencies on
gnome1.x libraries (and have no corresponding runtime dependencies),
bugs will be filed soon:

    chbg (libgnome-dev)
    digitaldj (libgnome-dev)
    drivel (libart-dev)
    gnomekiss (libgtkxmhtml-dev)
    gretl (libart-dev)
    gwc (libgnome-dev)
    mrwtoppm (libart-dev)
    slmon (libgnome-dev)
    xpuyopuyo (libgnome-dev)

 [0] note that soundtracker can drop the dependency and should do so,
     but it stands for the other ones.

·O·  Pierre Habouzit
··O                                                madcoder@debian.org
OOO                                                http://www.madism.org

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