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Extremadura 2008 Debian Work Meetings


This year (just like 2006 and 2007) we have the opportunity to
hold four work meetings in Extremadura, Spain, sponsored by the
regional government.

They will take place in April, June, September and November.

These meetings will look very much like those in the years
before.  Extremadura will pay european flights, food and
accommodation for up to 20 people. Several smaller teams can
share a meeting. The DPL will most likely approve sponsorship
for additional participants or travel from abroad if need arises.
The meetings will last from wednesday to sunday (with travel on
wednesday and sunday).

Please write to me (andreas@debian.org) if your team wants to
meet. If you manage you could even make suggestions regarding
dates already. Create a wiki page for the meeting... you know the

These meetings have been an exellent way of, working together
(hence the name "work meeting!") and pushing debians development
forward in a focused way. I want to thank the regional government
of Extremadura and the great people there for giving debian these
opportunities. You rock!

I would also like to encourage other governments and cooperations
to help debian in a similar way. We look for places in north
america, south america and asia to hold such meetings. Please
contact me if you can help!


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