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packages.debian.org updated


packages.debian.org was finally updated to the new code base that
was already available some time from packages.debian.net.

This is a pretty big update that affects almost all features of
packages.debian.org and includes some behavioural changes.

Some highlights:

 - Almost all pages are generated dynamically now instead of creating
   them all statically in one run. This should allow us to finally fix
   the big lag between mirror update and p.d.o update that plagued
   p.d.o for several years.
 - This code also finally replaces grep as the tool for full text search
   with a real search engine (Xapian) which should speed up these
   searches considerably.
 - Most searches now allow more than one keyword.
 - Improved, more compact page layout (this does NOT include the
   experimental "tabbed" layout from packages.debian.net; because
   that has some bugs, doesn't look good, and currently only works
   with Javascript enabled).
 - p.d.o now understands codenames (e.g. etch), aliases (e.g. stable)
   an version numbers (e.g. 4.0) in urls. It also doesn't force you
   to specify the Section of the package anymore.
 - p.d.o now includes information about packages from the following
   archives: ftp.debian.org, security.debian.org, volatile.debian.org,
             amd64.debian.net (sarge), gnuab.org (kfreebsd, armel),
 - basic debtags support (Display of tag information and
   backend use to improve search results for full text search
   and "similar packages")

Some known regressions:

 - While DDTP translations are used, the translation of all other
   strings is mostly broken currently. Should be fixed someday...
 - No unlimited search anymore. Most searches provide up to 100 results.
   This is done to avoid sacrificing performance on results most humans
   don't care about anyway.
 - No full text search in Contents files anymore. Again performance
   considerations. full text search is only possible over filenames
   now. You can still search the whole path, but only as a suffix

The new code can be found in my git repository. More information at

Please report new and old bugs, wishes for further improvement and
complains about known and unknown regressions in the BTS against
the pseudo package www.debian.org. Please include packages.debian.org
in the subject. Patches welcome :)

Special thanks to:
 - Joerg Jaspert, for upgrading puccini to etch and other
   administration help
 - Jeroen van Wolffelaar, for help with developing the new
   backend code
 - Enrico Zini, for help with integrating Debtags and
 - all users of packages.debian.net that commented with
   useful tips for further improvement

Frank Lichtenheld <djpig@debian.org>
www: http://www.djpig.de/

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