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0-day NMUs for RC and Release Goal bugs older than 7 days

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the amount of release-critical bugs has increased a lot [1] since the
release of Etch. As the 0-day NMU policy has proven to be successful
as an incentive for both maintainers and NMUers to take care of RC
bugs, we will reintroduce it.

This means that we're going to start again an everlasting BSP:

For bugs violating our Release Policy (aka RC-bugs) or a Release Goal,
you can upload 0-days NMUs if the bug in the bug tracking system is 
open for more than one week.  However, you are still required to notify
the maintainer via BTS before uploading.  And of course, you need to
take care of anything you broke by your NMU.

It is critical that NMU patches to source should be as non-disruptive
as possible.  Do not do housekeeping tasks, do not change the name of
modules or files, do not move directories; in general, do not fix things
which are not broken.  Keep the patch as small as possible.  If things
bother you aesthetically, talk to the Debian maintainer, talk to the
upstream maintainer, or submit a bug.  However, aesthetic changes must
not be made in a non-maintainer upload (with the only exception being if
the maintainer permits these changes - but well, with the maintainers
approval, you can do anything the maintaner could).

And please remember the Hippocratic Oath: "Above all, do no harm."  It
is better to leave a package with an open grave bug than applying a
non-functional patch, or one that hides the bug instead of resolving it. 



[1] http://bugs.debian.org/release-critical/
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