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3 developer meetings in Extremadura 2007


The spanish region of Extremadura will sponsor again Debian Work
Meetings in the same way they did last year:

They will arrange travel inside Europe (exceptions exist),
hosting and food for max 20 people working on debian projects for
a long weekend in the coming half year.
http://wiki.debian.org/WorkSessionsExtremadura still holds.

Projects that want to use this great opportunity should create a
wiki page with goals for the meeting and a list of attending
people (like http://wiki.debian.org/I18n/Extremadura2006 for a
good example), set a date that would fit them and contact me and
César Gómez Martín, <cesar.gomez at gmail dot com> <cesar.gomez
at juntaextremadura dot net>for further coordination. 

Our Fearless Leader (aka DPL) can pay more beds and flights for
oversized groups or travel from abroad if you give good reasons.

Most likely we will be able to have three meetings. If you only
have a small group please contact us so that we can merge
your meeting with an other group.

A big ThankYou to the nice people in Extremadura, who invest in a
unconventional and very immediate way into Debian and help us to
move forward! 


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