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Public service announcement: Release team releases hold on unstable


Since my last mail [1], we have been able to fix up the missing odds and
ends and have finally pushed a big chunk of packages to testing. This
resolves most of the outstanding library transitions, so you can go back
to doing whatever you want in unstable. Thank you all for helping by
not uploading unneeded stuff for the past few days.

This does still mean that you are supposed to announce bigger
transitions to the maintainers of your r-dependencies and to the release
team. Please always have a look around before uploading a lib with a
SONAME bump.

In the next few days, the new glibc 2.6 will be uploaded to unstable. We
hope that this doesn't introduce any new major breakages. It might hold
up some few packages for a few days, but shouldn't expose any major

And now for the boasting - these package were just pushed to testing:

abiword, adept, akode, alsaplayer, alsa-plugins, amarok, anjuta, apt,
aptitude, apt-move, aptsh, aqualung, arson, arts, at-spi, audacity,
avahi-sharp, balsa, banshee, blender, brasero, bug-buddy, cheesetracker,
cmus, contact-lookup-applet, contacts, context, control-center,
cweb-latex, dates, dblatex, debtags, debtags-edit, deskbar-applet,
drapes, dssi, dvipng, easytag, ecamegapedal, ecasound2.2, ecawave,
eds-feed,  eel2, eiciel, ekiga, evince, evolution,
evolution-data-server, evolution-exchange, evolution-jescs,
evolution-sharp, evolution-webcal, ffmpeg, ffmpeg2theora, file-roller,
flac, flac123, fmit, freqtweak, gail, gaim-galago, galago-daemon,
galago-gtk-python, galago-python, galago-sharp, gdebi, gedit,
gedit-plugins, ghex, glabels, gmime2.2, gnoemoe, gnome-applets,
gnome-apt, gnome-icon-theme, gnome-mag, gnome-media, gnome-mount,
gnome-mud, gnome-panel, gnome-python-desktop, gnome-screensaver,
gnome-session, gnome-sharp2, gnomesword, gnome-terminal, gnusound, grip,
gst-plugins-bad0.10, gst-plugins-good0.10, gtkhtml3.14, gtkhtml3.8,
gtkpod, gtk-sharp2, gtkterm, gucharmap, hdate-applet, hydrogen, idjc,
ivritex, jack-audio-connection-kit, jackbeat, jokosher, k3b,
kdeaccessibility, kdegraphics, kdemultimedia, kid3, kino, kluppe,
kradio, lash, last-exit, lat, libapache-mod-musicindex, libapt-front,
libapt-pkg-perl, libaudio-flac-header-perl, libept, libgail-gnome,
libgalago, libgalago-gtk, libgnomekbd, libgpod, libgtkhtml2,
libinstrudeo, libopensync-plugin-evolution2, libquicktime,
librevolution-ruby, libsndfile, libtunepimp, libxklavier,
link-monitor-applet, linphone, lynkeos.app, mail-notification,
mkvtoolnix, mlview, moc, mono-tools, motion, mpd, mt-daapd, muine,
multisync, nautilus, nautilus-actions, nautilus-cd-burner,
nautilus-image-converter, nautilus-open-terminal, nautilus-python,
nautilus-sendto, nautilus-share, opencv, openmovieeditor, oxine,
pdfcube, poppler, popplerkit.framework, python-apt, qjackctl, rhythmbox,
screenkast, smilutils, sound-juicer, sox, stratagus, synaptic, tasks,
tex-guy, texlive-base, texlive-bin, texlive-doc, texlive-extra,
texlive-lang, tilda, timidity, tomboy, totem, tracker, vflib3,
vorbis-tools, vte, wavpack, xfce4-terminal, xine-lib, xine-ui, xmltex,

Debian Release Assistant

[1]  http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2007/06/msg00009.html

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