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Debbugs Feature Enhancements and Archiving

There have recently been a few more feature enhancements added to the BTS.

The first and most visible are the version graphs which are present to
the right of all bugs with versioning information. Hopefully these
will help resolve some of the queries about why the BTS feels that a
particular bug applies to a particular suite. 

The second thing that has been done is to fix archival support so that
it is versioning aware. Bugs will now be archived if they have been:

 0) -done'd
 1) fixed in unstable
 2) fixed in testing
 3) fixed in stable if tagged stable

for at least 28 days and no activity has occured in 28 days.

The third thing is that bugs can now be unarchived and archived using
the control interface. Bugs that have been archived can be unarchived
without asking for owner@ to manually do it for you. Bugs that have
been previously archived, satisfy 0-3 above (ignoring time) can be
archived using the control interface. [Unarchived bugs are subject to
automatic archiving if they satisfy normal archive requirements, so if
you unarchive a bug, you obviously should also be reopen'ing or at
least found'ing the bug as appropriate.]

In a week or so I will reenable the expire cronjob, which will begin
archiving bugs once more. [The pkgreport pages should also be
displaying reasonbly accurate indications of when bugs will be
archived as well.]

Don Armstrong

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