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lintian.debian.org back up and running

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Hello all,

lintian.debian.org has been updated to lintian 1.23.29 and should now be
up to date.  As of today, it should resume its daily update cycle.

This is a substantial update from the previous version, plus lintian had
not been running for some time, so there may be significant changes to the
reports.  Particularly given that we're at the start of a release cycle,
now would be an excellent time for you to go to either:


find yourself and review the lintian report for your packages.

lintian.debian.org has also been a good way to uncover false positives and
checks that need tweaking, and I expect quite a lot of that has built up.
If you see tags from lintian that you believe are wrong after checking the
tag description, please feel free to file a bug against lintian (and
ideally even a patch).

Particular thanks to Bill Allombert who provided details on the
necessarily backporting to get a current lintian to run on sarge, reported
several bugs that caused lintian to crash when run on the whole archive,
and has maintained lintian reports for several other architectures during
the etch release cycle while lintian.debian.org was not updating.  It
would have taken me much longer to get lintian.debian.org back up and
running without him.

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