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out-of-date non-free packages


as all of you should know, packages in non-free are not build by the normal
autobuilders for legal reasons. However, if a non-free package exist on
different architectures, it need to be current to allow testing migration.

On the other hand, there are plenty of packages in non-free that can easily
be autobuild, because their license is "free-with-tiny-exceptions". For such
packages, a group of Developers headed by Martin (zobel) and me provides some
autobuilding infrastructure on most architectures.

If you are maintainer of a non-free-package falling into this category (i.e.
after careful review of the license that it can be autobuild), please:
- send a signed email to nonfree@release.debian.NET describing which
  package and why the license is ok;
- describe the fact that the package is autobuildable in debian/copyright,
  and to contact nonfree@release.debian.net before changing that;
- include the header "XS-Autobuild: yes" in the source section of your
  debian/control file.
You don't need to do an extra upload of your package for the changes
indicated above, but we might drop packages not fullfilling these conditions
one day.

The inclusion on the autobuild list can only be requested by the maintainer
of the package - we are not adding a package to be autobuild by requests of
anyone except the maintainer. If you as maintainer are not yet a DD, please
contact us also directly - we might however ask back with your sponsor.


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