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Call for testers: cyrus-sasl2

Hi everyone,

The Cyrus SASL packaging team [0] has been working for just over a year
to get cyrus-sasl2 upgraded to a new upstream version, getting the
package into shape for etch, and assembling a team of maintainers to
tend to this package in the future. Last weekend, we got thumbs up from
the RMs, and the package will propagate to etch later this week.

[0] http://pkg-cyrus-sasl2.alioth.debian.org/

This new package is a major change compared to the old version.
Therefore, we want people to test it as much as possible!

If you've been using cyrus-sasl2, please consider spending an hour or so
upgrading to version 2.1.22.dfsg1-4 (currently in unstable), testing,
and submitting bug reports indicating success or failure. Please note
that you may have to upgrade other packages as well. Importantly,
Postfix users must upgrade to the unstable version (2.3.4-2).

In your report, please include as much detail as possible, such as the
contents of relevant config files and steps you took to install, upgrade
or fix the package. If you're following a HOWTO or other document,
please include the URL to it.

With your help, we can iron out the remaining issues and ship etch with
the best version of cyrus-sasl2 ever!

Fabian Fagerholm <fabbe@debian.org>

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