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delay of the full etch freeze


In spite of much hard work by our many bugsquashers, the current RC bug
count is floating around 250.  This is much higher than the number asked for
by the release schedule at the point of the full freeze.  We want to avoid
putting ourselves in the position of spending a lot of time reviewing
packages instead of being able to continue working on fixing bugs, which is
why we've set our target at 80 RC bugs.

Freezing with more bugs would likely make the total time to release longer
than it would be otherwise, as a result of the time spent managing the
freeze instead of working on bugs.  While this might prove necessary if we
see too many new RC issues introduced in packages, we hope based on current
bug trends that more time before the freeze will let us bring the RC bug
count down to the desired level.

In addition, we're a bit behind schedule for the d-i release candidate,
which we want to have released and collect feedback from before the freeze.

For these reasons, we are delaying the full archive freeze for a few days.
We haven't chosen a date yet, but you can still expect it to happen in
October or early November.

In the meantime, please carry on as usual -- as long as "as usual" means
"fixing more RC bugs than you open", so that we can continue to aim for a
release at the beginning of December 2006. :)


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