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Secret changes for binNMUs

Forwarded on behalf of Goswin von Brederlow.


recently some changes have been made to the DAK, wanna-build and
buildds for binNMUs that probably went unnoticed to most developers.
And since binNMUs are rather uncommon you might not notice for the
longest time and then despair.

So heres a summary:

- buildds can recompile a source with a binNMU version

  This uses the original Debian source and adds a changelog entry
  stating that it is an automatic recompile before recompiling.

- wanna-build can be asked to schedule a binNMU for an arch

  This means that you don't have to manualy compile binNMUs anymore,
  which should probably be discouraged from now on. If you think a
  binNMU is needed for ome reason a request should be send to
  debian-release and they will deal with it.

- binNMU version scheme changed

  The developer reference _still_ states binNMU should be versioned as
  1.2-3.0.1. The DAK will no longer accept this.

  Instead binNMU versions are now made by adding +b1 (+b2, +b3) to the
  version and containing a "Source: foo (non-NMU version)" line. The
  later makes it possible to reliable associate binNMUs with their

  If you NEED to do a manual binNMU it is probably best to use sbuild
  (the cvs, not deb) or at lest look at what sbuild does for a binNMU
  before attempting your own. Normaly just ask debian-release do
  schedule one on the buildds for you.

I hope that helps you.


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