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Debconf6 Call for Papers reminder

At the time of writing there are only 14 days left to
submit proposals for talks, roundtable discussions and workshops
at DebConf6!

If you have a good idea for a talk but think you're not
the best person to give it, please let us know and we'll try
to find a qualified, able speaker for your topic.
Alternatively, if you have an idea for both a topic and who'll
it for you, try to get them to register.

To submit a talk, you first have to be registered to attend
You can do this at https://www.debconf.org/comas/attendees/new
Next, you can submit your proposal at

The deadline is December 6th at 23:59 UST and the list of
submitted so far can be viewed at

If you want to give a talk, the deadline is drawing close :)

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