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Alioth project for the next generation of Debian initscripts

There is now an Alioth project to host the planning, design work, any
documentation and eventual reference implementation and deployment
coordination for new initscript engines in Debian.

This project shall help us continue the work started in Debconf2, and
rehashed in Debconf5.

Those interested in participating, please report to
And subscribe to the initscripts-ng-devel ML (in Alioth).

All maintainers of initscript subsystem packages and init replacements are
urged to participate.  All Debian-derivative distributions that have an
interest on the topic (and would otherwise do something by themselves) are
also urged to join.

This project is a highly technical forum, and all work is in the planning
stages still, so there is no code to play with yet.

The mailinglists allow posting from members only, to reduce spam.
Subscription is open to anyone who wants to participate, however.

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