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release policy changes for etch

Hi, All,

there are some release policy changes for etch:

One change was quite automatic with the so called "editorial changes" to
the social contract - it is now required that all content in main and
contrib is DFSG-free.  This mail is not a call for mass bug filing - please
see Frank's mail about coordination for squashing this class of bugs.  For
obvious reasons, we will start with working on the documents which licenses
are not currently in the process of being fixed.

Another change is that it is disallowed now to change the package's
changelog or the build dependencies by invoking of any of the "usual"
targets in debian/rules. The basic reason for this is that this leads to
"interesting" results on the autobuilders and during security upgrades
(read: to unreproducible ones).

We added an exception for MTAs that don't provide the -bs-switch - they
need to conflict with lsb, but are no longer RC-buggy.

As always, the full canoncial list of the RC policy for etch is available
at http://release.debian.org/etch_rc_policy.txt .

There are also two upcoming changes:

We probably want something newer than LSB 1.3. :)

Also, there has been some discussion that the python policy might need a
change, but that discussion was postponed after the glibc transition.

For these two issues, a discussion will take place before decision.


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