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announcing debian-installer release candidate 2

This second Debian-Installer release candidate is expected to be the final
release of the installer for Debian 3.1 (sarge). Limited changes have been
made to the installer since the pre-rc2 release last month, but there are
a few:

 * All errata items, except intermittent red screen problem are fixed.
 * Support for LVM volumes on software RAID.
 * Experimental support for installing with the 2.6 kernel on the
   hppa architecture.
 * Lots of improvements to the installation manual, which is now fully
   translated to Spanish, French, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Czech.
 * More bug fixes than we care to recall.

As always, links to bootable images and documentation are on our web site.

For the d-i team,

see shy jo

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