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Debian-Installer beta 4 released for 9 architectures

The Debian-Installer team announces the fourth beta release of the
Debian sarge installer. Notable improvements in this release include:

 - Support for the arm, hppa, and mipsel architectures, bringing the
   number of supported architectures to 9. (The mips architecture is
   not yet ready for this beta, it will be released in a few days.)
 - Experimental support for the 2.6 kernel, on i386 only. The 2.4
   kernel remains the default and recommended kernel for most
 - Detection of existing operating systems. The following operating
   systems can be detected and will be added to the boot menu of the
   installed system: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, GNU Hurd, DOS
 - Translated into 35 languages, including new translations to
   Indonesian, Basque, Galician, Romanian and Welsh.
 - Many bug fixes and user interface improvements.
 - Fixes for most of the listed errata for beta 3 of the
 - A new boot logo by Alessandro Polverini and Andrea Mottola.
We're confident that this is our best release ever, so give it a try,
install Debian today, and don't forget to file an installation report
so we can continue to make the installer even better. Links to
bootable images and documentation are on our web site:

see shy jo

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