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Release-critical Bugreport for April 30, 2004

Bug stamp-out list for Apr 30 06:01 (CST)

Total number of release-critical bugs: 551
Number that will disappear after removing packages marked [REMOVE]: 1
Number that have a patch: 75
Number that have a fix prepared and waiting to upload: 19
Number that are being ignored: 15
Number on packages not in testing: 183
Number concerning the next release (excluding ignored and not-in-testing): 275

Explanation for bug tags:

   P  pending
   +  patch
   H  help
   M  moreinfo
   R  unreproducible
   S  security
   U  upstream
   I  sarge-ignore

Some bugs have an additional set of tags indicating they only apply
to a particular release: O for oldstable (potato), S for stable (woody),
T for testing (sarge) or U for unstable (sid). X indicates that the package
is not in testing.


Package: alsa-base (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian ALSA Maintainers <pkg-alsa-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>
  246064 [ +      ] [U] alsa-base: 'mv' fails when installing on new system

Package: amavis-ng (debian/main)
Maintainer: Hilko Bengen <bengen@debian.org>
  203598 [ +      ] [X] amavis-ng: Problem messages remain in queue in addition to being saved
  219044 [   M    ] [X] amavis-ng: Postfix module deletes all mail
  223774 [   M    ] [X] amavis-ng: amavis-ng breaks mail delivery
  226114 [        ] [X] amavis-ng: Exim return with nonzero code, and message disappear.
  230113 [    R   ] [X] AMaViS resets connection on MAIL FROM

Package: aolserver4-nsopenssl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Francesco Paolo Lovergine <frankie@debian.org>
  232607 [        ] [X] aolserver4-nsopenssl_3.0beta12-1(unstable/sparc): missing build-depends (?)

Package: apt-listbugs (debian/main)
Maintainer: Masato Taruishi <taru@debian.org>
  245232 [        ] apt-listbugs: fails with not in gzip format errors

Package: aptitude (debian/main)
Maintainer: Daniel Burrows <dburrows@debian.org>
  243932 [        ] aptitude_0.2.14.1-2(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: 64-bit long issues

Package: ari-yahoo (debian/main)
Maintainer: Gopal Narayanan <gopal@debian.org>
  223615 [        ] [SX] ari-yahoo can't connect.

Package: atlas3 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Camm Maguire <camm@enhanced.com>
  243447 [        ] atlas3: FTBFS on more than one architecture

Package: avifile (debian/main)
Maintainer: Zdenek Kabelac <kabi@debian.org>
  228072 [ +      ] [X] avifile: FTBFS with new freetype

Package: avifile-xvid-plugin (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Zdenek Kabelac <kabi@debian.org>
  225172 [        ] [X] avifile-xvid-plugin is uninstallable, dependencies problems

Package: awstats (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk>
  245298 [        ] dropped proftpd log entries

Package: bcm5700-source (debian/main)
Maintainer: martin f. krafft <madduck@debian.org>
  243044 [       I] bcm5700-source: binaries without source

Package: beast (debian/main)
Maintainer: Sam Hocevar (Debian packages) <sam+deb@zoy.org>
  245817 [        ] beast_0.6.1-1(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: compile errors

Package: bioperl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Matt Hope <matth@bioinformatics.unsw.edu.au>
  240552 [        ] bioperl: can't fulfill the Recommends in unstable or testing

Package: bonsai (debian/main)
Maintainer: Rémi Perrot <rperrot@debian.org>
  237156 [ +      ] [S] bonsai: dolog.pl has  a syntax error at line 974 (an extra semicolon).

Package: bookmarker (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk>
  238000 [ +      ] cannot declare two gc() functions in session.inc

Package: boot-floppies (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian Install System Team <debian-boot@lists.debian.org>
  225693 [        ] [UX] boot-floppies should never go into sarge
  225704 [        ] [SX] boot-floppies used in woody needs to be in woody
  246443 [     S  ] [X] boot-floppies: There is no indice *bf kernel has security issues

Package: boot-floppy (pseudo)
Maintainer: Debian Install Team <debian-boot@lists.debian.org>
  231885 [        ] [S] "stable" installation gets stuck when configuring modules

Package: boot-icons (debian/main)
Maintainer: Martin Waitz <tali@debian.org>
  235862 [        ] [X] boot-icons: not ready for stable

Package: brutefir (debian/main)
Maintainer: Free Ekanayaka <free@agnula.org>
  241592 [        ] [X] brutefir_0.99n-1(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: non-PIC in shared lib

Package: busybox-cvs-udeb (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian Install System Team <debian-boot@lists.debian.org>
  245560 [        ] [X] busybox-cvs-udeb: busybox insmod fails to pass module parameters on 2.4

Package: bwbar (debian/main)
Maintainer: Scott M. Dier <sdier@debian.org>
  246054 [        ] bwbar can't start because first column in /proc/net/dev info is wider than 6 chars

Package: cabot (debian/main)
Maintainer: Laurent Fousse <laurent@komite.net>
  242117 [        ] [X] should not enter testing

Package: cadaver (debian/main)
Maintainer: Bernd Eckenfels <ecki@debian.org>
  244113 [P+   SU ] [T] CAN-2004-0179 format string vulnerabilities fixed in new upstream release

Package: celestia (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mika Fischer <mf@debian.org>
  174456 [       I] [STU] celestia: Please clarify copyright license of textures/image data

Package: checky (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mike Hommey <mh@glandium.org>
  246630 [        ] .orig.tar.gz not policy conform

Package: cinepaint (debian/main)
Maintainer: Andrew Lau <netsnipe@users.sourceforge.net>
  244150 [ +      ] cinepaint_0.18.3-1(unstable/arm/smackdown): needs libtool update for arm

Package: cl-ftp (debian/main)
Maintainer: Matthew Danish <mdanish@andrew.cmu.edu>
  192007 [        ] [X] cl-ftp: FTBFS: Doesn't build api.html
  228634 [        ] [X] FTBFS: cl-ftp build sits there forever?

Package: clamav-daemon (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stephen Gran <sgran@debian.org>
  246611 [        ] [U] clamav-daemon: hangs on postinst (calling ucf)

Package: classpath-common (debian/main)
Maintainer: John Leuner <jewel@debian.org>
  246575 [        ] classpath-common: upgrade from classpath 2:0.07-2 fails (missing Replaces?)

Package: coda-doc (debian/main)
Maintainer: Luca - De Whiskey's - De Vitis <luca@debian.org>
  233981 [ +      ] [X] coda-doc: dependency on non-existent packages

Package: console-common (debian/main)
Maintainer: Alastair McKinstry <mckinstry@debian.org>
  242594 [   M    ] [U] console-common: upgrade attempt ends with pre-installation error 9

Package: courier-imap-ssl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stefan Hornburg (Racke) <racke@linuxia.de>
  206626 [        ] courier-imap-ssl: Failed to create cache file: maildirwatch (FAM error)

Package: cpp (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian GCC maintainers <debian-gcc@lists.debian.org>
  200003 [       I] cpp: contains non-free manpages

Package: cpp-3.3-doc (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian GCC maintainers <debian-gcc@lists.debian.org>
  193787 [       I] GCC documentation is non-free

Package: cpufreqd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mattia Dongili (ma.d. <dongili@supereva.it>
  243649 [    R U ] [U] cpufreqd setup blanks the existing config file and fails to start

Package: crypt++el (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mario Lang <mlang@debian.org>
  222501 [        ] [S] crypt++el removes unrelated files on install

Package: cvs2svn (debian/main)
Maintainer: László Böszörményi (GCS) <gcs@lsc.hu>
  246490 [P       ] [X] cvs2svn: FTBFS: Tries to write to root filesystem (in build target, no less)

Package: cvsweb (debian/main)
Maintainer: James Bromberger <jeb@debian.org>
  230078 [ +      ] [S] cvsweb: cannot download due to absolute path not accepted by cvs

Package: cyrus-sasl2 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Dima Barsky <dima@debian.org>
  245818 [        ] cyrus-sasl2_2.1.18-4(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: non-PIC in shared lib

Package: ddt (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Dynamic DNS Tools and Services <ddt-devel@lists.sourceforge.net>
  229422 [        ] [X] ddt: FTBFS: Obsolete Build-Depends on libpqpp-dev

Package: debbuggtk (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mark Howard <mh@debian.org>
  239027 [        ] [X] bugwatcher doesn't start
  239085 [        ] [X] Should use default VM

Package: debian-cd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org>
  243122 [        ] sarge sparc CDROMs do not work, missing kernel parameters on boot

Package: debian-guide (debian/main)
Maintainer: John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org>
  229425 [        ] [X] debian-guide: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends, and still wants html.sty

Package: debian-guide-zh (debian/main)
Maintainer: Anthony Fok <foka@debian.org>
  221331 [        ] [X] latex2html moved to non-free

Package: debian-installer (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian Install System Team <debian-boot@lists.debian.org>
  243924 [        ] FWD: Unable to run debian-installer on SunBlade 150 (sparc sun4u arch.)
  245099 [        ] Unable to run debian-installer (build 20040419) on HP DL380 - CD Rom will not be detected

Package: debian-policy (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian Policy List <debian-policy@lists.debian.org>
  241683 [ +      ] debian-policy_3.6.1.0(unstable): FTBFS: /usr/lib/sgml

Package: dhis-server (debian/main)
Maintainer: Guus Sliepen <guus@debian.org>
  236209 [        ] server dies and does some other weird things

Package: dip (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mark W. Eichin <eichin@thok.org>
  56713  [        ] [X] dip: No cleanup after exit, duplicate route and interface left behind.

Package: discover (debian/main)
Maintainer: Discover Workers <discover-workers@lists.progeny.com>
  246029 [        ] Machine dies on boot with "discovering hardware:"

Package: doc-debian (debian/main)
Maintainer: Josip Rodin <joy-packages@debian.org>
  207549 [       I] [STU] doc-debian: copyright status of some documents unclear

Package: dovecot-imapd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar@debian.org>
  225048 [    R U ] [X] dovecot-imapd: Makes mail disappear sometimes

Package: duali (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mohammed Elzubeir <elzubeir@arabeyes.org>
  245143 [        ] duali_0.2.0-1(unstable): FTBFS: wrong build-depends

Package: dvb-dev (debian/main)
Maintainer: Thomas Schmidt <thomas.schmidt@in.stud.tu-ilmenau.de>
  246472 [        ] dvb-dev: Contains no changelog or copyright files

Package: e2fsprogs (debian/main)
Maintainer: Theodore Y. Ts'o <tytso@mit.edu>
  244058 [        ] initrd-tools: Confused by libc in /lib/tls/

Package: ecartis (debian/main)
Maintainer: Blars Blarson <blarson@blars.org>
  178342 [        ] [S] ecartis: Chokes on invalid Date lines causing postfix to keep trying to redeliver the message

Package: ecos (debian/main)
Maintainer: Masato Taruishi <taru@debian.org>
  230232 [ +      ] [X] ecos: FTBFS: Error using kernel headers

Package: ecosconfig (debian/main)
Maintainer: Masato Taruishi <taru@debian.org>
  223325 [        ] [X] ecosconfig: package broken wrt libwxgtk2.4

Package: education-standalone-extras (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian Edu Developers <debian-edu@lists.debian.org>
  246463 [        ] should not depend on missing packages

Package: emacs20 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Rob Browning <rlb@defaultvalue.org>
  192732 [     S  ] [SX] emacs20: call-process-region creates tempfile insecurely
  198567 [     S  ] [SX] emacs20: using make-temp-name insecurely

Package: emacs21 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Rob Browning <rlb@defaultvalue.org>
  207932 [       I] emacs21: Includes non-free documents

Package: emcast (debian/main)
Maintainer: Noèl Köthe <noel@debian.org>
  244932 [        ] emcast_0.3.2-2(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: conflicting declarations

Package: eog (debian/main)
Maintainer: Davide Puricelli (evo) <evo@debian.org>
  245329 [        ] FTBFS: Build-depends need updating

Package: ethereal (debian/main)
Maintainer: Frederic Peters <fpeters@debian.org>
  239576 [     SU ] [S] [CAN-2004-0176, CAN-2004-0365, CAN-2004-0367, enpa-sa-00013] Several potential crash/arbitrary code execution issues identified

Package: evolution (debian/main)
Maintainer: Takuo KITAME <kitame@debian.org>
  231955 [        ] [S] evolution: Does not empty internal mail spool after processing it
  234863 [        ] [S] evolution: The mail component eats memory till swap is gone then crashes
  237257 [        ] [S] evolution: does not start-up
  243665 [        ] [T] evolution: Fails to start, giving SIGSEGV error

Package: fbpager (debian/main)
Maintainer: martin f. krafft <madduck@debian.org>
  246482 [        ] [X] fbpager: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends

Package: flim (debian/main)
Maintainer: Tatsuya Kinoshita <tats@vega.ocn.ne.jp>
  244263 [ +   SU ] [S] flim: insecure temporary file creation in mime-write-decoded-region and in uuencode-external-decode-region

Package: freefem3d (debian/main)
Maintainer: Christophe Prud'homme <prudhomm@mit.edu>
  245814 [        ] freefem3d_1.0pre3-1(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: missing build-depends?

Package: freeglut3 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jamie Wilkinson <jaq@debian.org>
  246299 [        ] [UX] vegastrike: freeglut_misc.c:59: glutExtensionSupported: Assertion `fgState.Initialised' failed.

Package: freehoo (debian/main)
Maintainer: Gopal Narayanan <gopal@debian.org>
  228039 [        ] [X] freehoo: can't connect because auth. protocol has changed.
  238909 [        ] [X] freehoo is not installable in unstable

Package: freewrl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stephen Zander <gibreel@debian.org>
  239326 [        ] [U] freewrl: "fails to run"
  240394 [        ] freewrl_1.05-3(unstable/sparc/vore): FTBFS
  244158 [ +      ] freewrl_1.05-3(unstable/powerpc+s390): FTBFS

Package: ftp.debian.org (pseudo)
Maintainer: James Troup and others <ftpmaster@ftp-master.debian.org>
  152857 [        ] [S] freeamp: FreeAMP name infringes on AMP trademark and is being renamed Zinf.
  158188 [P       ] [S] xroach: not dfsg-free
  173779 [        ] [S] gtoaster is not installable in Debian 3.0r1 - please remove
  178750 [P       ] [S] pcmcia-cs: 2.2.22 packages is missing their kernel
  214395 [P       ] [S] ttf-xtt-watanabe-mincho: License problem, must be removed
  214399 [P       ] [S] watanabe-vfont: License problem, must be removed
  214400 [P       ] [S] ttf-xtt-wadalab-gothic: License problem, must be fixed or removed
  225537 [P       ] [S] Please remove hdate from woody (undistributable)
  230574 [        ] ftp.debian.org: Arm is not supported by strategoxt. Please remove Arm binary from the xt-strategoxt package
  235908 [        ] lirc priority should be optional and not extra
  239703 [        ] please remove kernel-patch-2.2.20-p3
  239705 [        ] please remove kernel-patch-2.2.20-raid
  239708 [        ] please remove kernel-patch-2.2.17-vm-global
  239709 [        ] please remove kernel-patch-2.2.18-vm-global
  239712 [        ] please remove kernel-patch-2.2-lids
  240162 [        ] [S] "scsh moving to non-free in woody - update overrides"
  241019 [        ] ftp.debian.org: linuxvideostudio !i386 should be removed from sarge
  241497 [        ] [TU] sarge needs upgrade-i386 directory which gives us upgrade-path for real i386 architecture
  246122 [        ] ftp.debian.org: Please remove libneon24-doc from the archives
  246282 [        ] binclock: Source tarball missing

Package: fwbuilder (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jeremy T. Bouse <jbouse@debian.org>
  229774 [        ] [TUX] fwbuilder segmentation fault
  234249 [        ] [X] arch dependend stuff installed at /usr/share

Package: g2 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Eric Cain <ecain@debian.org>
  243499 [        ] g2_0.51-1(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: non-PIC in shared lib

Package: g77-3.3-doc (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian GCC maintainers <debian-gcc@lists.debian.org>
  193787 [       I] GCC documentation is non-free

Package: galan (debian/main)
Maintainer: Nick Rusnov <nickrusnov@debian.org>
  240544 [ +      ] galan: can't fulfill the Recommends in unstable or testing

Package: gauche (debian/main)
Maintainer: Hatta Shuzo <hattas@debian.org>
  231929 [ +      ] [U] gauche_0.7.4.1-1(unstable/arm): needs libtool update on arm
  236741 [ +      ] [U] gauche: FTBFS: Cannot find gauche.so

Package: gcc-3.3-doc (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian GCC maintainers <debian-gcc@lists.debian.org>
  193787 [       I] GCC documentation is non-free

Package: gconf (debian/main)
Maintainer: Takuo KITAME <kitame@debian.org>
  240971 [ +      ] FTBFS: wildcard characters in dh_movefiles argument

Package: gdb (debian/main)
Maintainer: Daniel Jacobowitz <dan@debian.org>
  212522 [       I] gdb package contains non-free GNU FDL documentation

Package: gg2 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mateusz Papiernik <mati@maticomp.net>
  234190 [        ] [U] Recompile with new Loudmouth

Package: ghex (debian/main)
Maintainer: Sebastien Bacher <seb128@debian.org>
  246515 [        ] FTBFS: Missing build-dependencies

Package: gimp-data-extras (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ben Gertzfield <che@debian.org>
  245146 [        ] gimp-data-extras_1:1.2.0-3(unstable): FTBFS: build-depends on gimp1.2

Package: gkrellongrun (debian/main)
Maintainer: Taku YASUI <tach@debian.or.jp>
  190882 [        ] [X] gkrellongrun: GKRelLongRun 0.x does not work with GKrellM 2.x

Package: glibc (debian/main)
Maintainer: GNU Libc Maintainers <debian-glibc@lists.debian.org>
  181494 [       I] [STU] GNU Free Documentation License is non-free

Package: gmanedit (debian/main)
Maintainer: Sergio Rua <srua@debian.org>
  240565 [        ] gmanedit: can't fulfill the Recommends in unstable or testing

Package: gnats (debian/main)
Maintainer: Chad Walstrom <chewie@debian.org>
  241416 [        ] gnats: package install doesn't finish

Package: gnokii (debian/main)
Maintainer: Bradley Marshall <brad@humbug.org.au>
  230139 [        ] [X] gnokii: needs to ship a shlibs file and/or split out libgnokii
  240950 [        ] [X] gnokii: missing Depends (at least) on passwd

Package: gnome-cups-manager (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ross Burton <ross@debian.org>
  246093 [     S  ] Samba passwords are shown in plain text

Package: gnome-jabber (debian/main)
Maintainer: Sebastian D.B. Krause <krause@sdbk.de>
  225763 [        ] [X] gnome-jabber: Segfault in preferences dialog

Package: gnome-mag (debian/main)
Maintainer: Gustavo Noronha Silva <kov@debian.org>
  218776 [        ] [UX] gnome-mag: magnifier does not work

Package: gnome-pim (debian/main)
Maintainer: Sebastian Rittau <srittau@debian.org>
  201219 [P       ] [X] gnome-pim: FTBFS: Broken Build-Depends

Package: gnome-spell (debian/main)
Maintainer: Takuo KITAME <kitame@debian.org>
  231483 [        ] [S] gnome-spell woody package depends on packages not in woody

Package: gnome-terminal (debian/main)
Maintainer: Arnaud Patard <arnaud.patard@rtp-net.org>
  244811 [     SU ] [S] CAN-2003-0070 Arbitrary command execution a.o. via escape sequences

Package: gnomesword (debian/main)
Maintainer: Daniel Glassey <wdg@debian.org>
  146326 [        ] [S] gnomesword: won't start: "relocation error"

Package: gnotepad+ (debian/main)
Maintainer: James LewisMoss <dres@debian.org>
  240553 [ +H     ] gnotepad+: can't fulfill the Recommends in unstable

Package: gnu-smalltalk (debian/main)
Maintainer: Brett Cundal <bcundal@cundal.net>
  187022 [        ] [X] gnu-smalltalk_2.0.11-0.3(unstable/ia64): FTBFS: seg fault
  198075 [        ] [X] gnu-smalltalk: (m68k/unstable) FTBFS segfaults during build
  205301 [        ] [X] gnu-smalltalk_2.1.2-2(unstable/ia64): FTBFS: ICE

Package: gnucash (debian/main)
Maintainer: James A. Treacy <treacy@debian.org>
  244016 [        ] gnucash: Fails to start on powerpc
  246262 [        ] [T] gnucash fails on startup with guile-1.6: relocation error

Package: gnumach (debian/main)
Maintainer: GNU Hurd Maintainers <bug-hurd@gnu.org>
  46709  [     S  ] [UX] Mach lets processes write to I/O ports

Package: gnumach-dev (debian/main)
Maintainer: GNU Hurd Maintainers <bug-hurd@gnu.org>
  162663 [        ] [UX] libc0.3-dev: depends on gnumach-dev which is priority optional

Package: gnump3d (debian/main)
Maintainer: Steve Kemp <skx@debian.org>
  238587 [    R   ] gnump3d: Upgrading from 2.6-1 to 2.6-2 deletes the configuration file

Package: gnunet (debian/main)
Maintainer: Glenn McGrath <bug1@debian.org>
  245095 [        ] gnunet_0.6.1d-4(hppa/unstable): FBTFS: missing build-depends?

Package: gnuplot (debian/main)
Maintainer: Thimo Neubauer <thimo@debian.org>
  239679 [        ] gnuplot -> gnuplot-x11 breaks upgrades

Package: gnustep-dl2 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Brent A. Fulgham <bfulgham@debian.org>
  244142 [ +      ] gnustep-dl2_0.9.0-4(unstable/sparc/vore): FTBFS

Package: gnutls7 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ivo Timmermans <ivo@debian.org>
  227442 [        ] Ports open but not response from dovecot daemon (hppa)

Package: gpsim-led (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stephen M Moraco <stephen@debian.org>
  233275 [        ] [X] gpsim-led: Loading libgpsim_led.so.0 causes segmentation fault

Package: grubconf (debian/main)
Maintainer: Luis R. Rodriguez <mcgrof@ruslug.rutgers.edu>
  235017 [P       ] [X] grubconf_0.5-1(unstable/sparc): missing build-depends and bad Architecture: line

Package: grunch (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jim Lisi <jlisi@mirtig.ca>
  161523 [        ] grunch: Error in call to 'makeppm'. File names not set

Package: gspy (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jeremy T. Bouse <jbouse@debian.org>
  151551 [ +      ] [X] gspy: crashes at startup

Package: gswitchit (debian/main)
Maintainer: Filip Van Raemdonck <mechanix@debian.org>
  246467 [        ] gswitchit: FTBFS: Compiler errors

Package: gtk+2.0 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Akira TAGOH <tagoh@debian.org>
  246450 [        ] gtk+2.0_2.2.4-5(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: missing build-depends??

Package: gtk-gnutella (debian/main)
Maintainer: Matthias Kabel <mkabel@debian.org>
  129976 [        ] gtk-gnutella isn't a Debian nativ package
  240752 [ +      ] gtk-gnutella_0.93.3-1(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: missing build-depends?

Package: guessnet (debian/main)
Maintainer: Enrico Zini <enrico@debian.org>
  235307 [        ] [U] test-peer fails even though arping succeeds

Package: guile-oops (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mikael Djurfeldt <djurfeldt@nada.kth.se>
  207087 [ +      ] [X] guile-oops_1.0.2-2.3(mipsel/unstable): out of date config.sub/config.guess

Package: gwydion-dylan (debian/main)
Maintainer: Brent A. Fulgham <bfulgham@debian.org>
  215709 [        ] [U] gwydion-dylan doesn't build on s390
  242682 [        ] FTBFS: assertion failure

Package: hashcash (debian/main)
Maintainer: Hubert Chan <hubert@uhoreg.ca>
  239157 [        ] [X] hashcash: do not allow in sarge yet.

Package: hat (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ian Lynagh (wibble) <igloo@debian.org>
  239407 [        ] hat_2.02-9(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: ghc6 errors

Package: hitop (debian/main)
Maintainer: Andrew Stribblehill <ads@debian.org>
  229953 [        ] hitop: FTBFS: Obsolete Build-Depends on libpqpp-dev

Package: horde2 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ola Lundqvist <opal@debian.org>
  243576 [        ] Fail to include pear-log

Package: hostap-modules-i386 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Francois Gurin <matrix@debian.org>
  238520 [        ] hostap-modules-i386: change to kernel 2.4.25

Package: htdig (debian/main)
Maintainer: Robert Ribnitz <ribnitz@linuxbourg.ch>
  242807 [        ] badly interpretation of robots.txt file

Package: htmldoc (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jeff Licquia <licquia@debian.org>
  241101 [        ] htmldoc: segfault when generating ps or pdf

Package: hunt (debian/main)
Maintainer: Adrian Bridgett <bridgett@debian.org>
  173334 [        ] [SUX] hunt doesn't see any connection

Package: ibm-jdk1.1-installer (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Yven Johannes Leist <leist@beldesign.de>
  167934 [        ] [X] Please include /usr/lib/jni in default JNI search path
  195293 [        ] [X] ibm-jdk1.1-installer: JDK seems to be no longer available at IBM

Package: im-sdk (debian/main)
Maintainer: Roger So <rogerso@debian.org>
  246451 [        ] im-sdk_11.4.1483-3(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: compile errors

Package: imagemagick (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ryuichi Arafune <arafune@debian.org>
  214623 [       I] [STU] Non-free logo included in main

Package: imwheel (debian/main)
Maintainer: Amaya Rodrigo Sastre <amaya@debian.org>
  229409 [ +      ] [U] imwheel_1.0.0pre5-2(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: installs in root
  232353 [        ] [U] after a recent upgrade imwheel is mostly useless

Package: initscripts (debian/main)
Maintainer: Miquel van Smoorenburg <miquels@cistron.nl>
  230857 [        ] devpts.sh and mountkernfs should be eliminated

Package: install-doc (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian Install System Team <debian-boot@lists.debian.org>
  155374 [        ] [X] Where are Installation Manual and Release Notes

Package: inventor (debian/main)
Maintainer: Steve M. Robbins <smr@debian.org>
  240927 [        ] inventor_2.1.5-9-4(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: segv during build

Package: ipac-ng (debian/main)
Maintainer: Noèl Köthe <noel@debian.org>
  241664 [        ] [UX] ipac-ng appears to be have compiled with only plain-file storage

Package: ipmasq (debian/main)
Maintainer: Osamu Aoki <osamu@debian.org>
  238860 [     S  ] [S] [CAN-2003-0785] ipmasq: allows nat back-traffic to pass freely

Package: iproute (debian/main)
Maintainer: Juan Cespedes <cespedes@debian.org>
  242994 [ +   SU ] [TU] [CAN-2003-0856] Local DoS via spoofed messages

Package: irssi-plugin-icq (debian/main)
Maintainer: Michael Banck <mbanck@debian.org>
  232702 [        ] [X] crashes irssi immediately after /server

Package: ivtools-bin (debian/main)
Maintainer: Guenter Geiger <geiger@debian.org>
  244995 [        ] [U] ivtools-bin: Program aborts with error after installation

Package: jabberd2 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jamin W. Collins <jcollins@asgardsrealm.net>
  237303 [        ] [X] GPL linked with OpenSSL

Package: jablicator (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jeff Breidenbach <jab@debian.org>
  245530 [        ] Error starting jablicator

Package: jasper (debian/main)
Maintainer: Christopher L Cheney <ccheney@debian.org>
  210383 [ +      ] [X] jasper_1.700.2-1(mipsel/unstable): configure built from broken libtool.m4
  218999 [        ] [X] jasper: this is not free

Package: kaffe (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ean R. Schuessler <ean@novare.net>
  227739 [        ] [X] kaffe FTBFS on buildd for alpha
  227740 [        ] [X] kaffe FTBFS on buildd for hppa
  227741 [        ] [X] kaffe FTBFS on buildd for ARM
  227742 [        ] [X] kaffe FTBFS on buildd for ia64
  227744 [        ] [X] kaffe FTBFS on buildd for m68k
  227745 [        ] [X] kaffe FTBFS on buildd for s390
  227746 [        ] [X] kaffe FTBFS on buildd for sparc

Package: kde-extras (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers <debian-qt-kde@lists.debian.org>
  227839 [        ] [TU] kde-extras (main) Recommends ksetisaver (contrib)

Package: kdebase (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers <debian-qt-kde@lists.debian.org>
  178407 [ +      ] [S] klipper doesn't replace %s with text from clipboard
  194248 [        ] [S] kde startup finishes at frozen root window

Package: kernel (pseudo)
Maintainer: Herbert Xu <herbert@debian.org>
  240812 [        ] [TU] kernel-{image,source}-2.6.4: tg3 problems with NFS

Package: kernel-headers-2.2.20-sparc (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org>
  239711 [        ] kernel-image-sparc-2.2: issues that need to be fixed

Package: kernel-image-2.2.20-sun4dm-smp (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org>
  185993 [        ] kernel-image-2.2.20-sun4dm-smp: broken dependencies

Package: kernel-image-2.4.18-i386bf (debian/main)
Maintainer: John H. Robinson, IV <jaqque@debian.org>
  201459 [        ] [X] kernel-image-2.4.18-i386bf: FTBFS: Obsolete Build-Depends

Package: kernel-image-sparc-2.2 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org>
  238709 [     S  ] [S] kernel-image-2.2.20-sparc: security patches needed

Package: kernel-patch-2.2-lids (debian/main)
Maintainer: David Spreen <netzwurm@debian.org>
  239712 [        ] please remove kernel-patch-2.2-lids

Package: kernel-patch-2.2.17-vm-global (debian/main)
Maintainer: Camm Maguire <camm@enhanced.com>
  239708 [        ] please remove kernel-patch-2.2.17-vm-global

Package: kernel-patch-2.2.18-vm-global (debian/main)
Maintainer: Camm Maguire <camm@enhanced.com>
  239709 [        ] please remove kernel-patch-2.2.18-vm-global

Package: kernel-patch-2.2.20-arm (debian/main)
Maintainer: Philip Blundell <philb@armlinux.org>
  220710 [        ] error when applying kernel-patch-2.2.20-arm

Package: kernel-patch-2.2.20-p3 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Camm Maguire <camm@enhanced.com>
  239703 [        ] please remove kernel-patch-2.2.20-p3

Package: kernel-patch-2.2.20-raid (debian/main)
Maintainer: Camm Maguire <camm@enhanced.com>
  239705 [        ] please remove kernel-patch-2.2.20-raid

Package: kernel-patch-lkcd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Micah Anderson <micah@riseup.net>
  240542 [        ] kernel-patch-lkcd: can't fulfill the Recommends in unstable

Package: kernel-patch-lpp (debian/main)
Maintainer: Gordon Fraser <gordon@debian.org>
  185641 [        ] [X] kernel-patch-lpp: kernel panic: tried to kill init!

Package: kgst (debian/main)
Maintainer: David Schleef <ds@schleef.org>
  246446 [        ] kgst_0.6.1-3(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: compile errors

Package: kimberlite (debian/main)
Maintainer: Josh Huber <huber@debian.org>
  241959 [        ] kimberlite_1.1.0-3.2(unstable): FTBFS: swig errors

Package: klogic (debian/main)
Maintainer: Chris Boyle <cmb@debian.org>
  246447 [        ] klogic_1.5-5(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: compile errors

Package: konqueror (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers <debian-qt-kde@lists.debian.org>
  178507 [        ] [S] konqueror: security release has file overlap with kdebase-libs
  246391 [        ] [T] konqueror is broken

Package: konversation (debian/main)
Maintainer: Nathaniel W. Turner <nate@houseofnate.net>
  246448 [P       ] [X] konversation_0.14cvs20040413-1(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: missing files?

Package: korganizer (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers <debian-qt-kde@lists.debian.org>
  246256 [        ] [T] After updating packages on the testing branch korganizer crashes with a sig11 on startup.

Package: kronolith (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ola Lundqvist <opal@debian.org>
  227461 [        ] [X] kronolith: Horde requires the Date_Calc class for Kronolith to calculate dates

Package: krusader (debian/main)
Maintainer: Angel Ramos <seamus@debian.org>
  246354 [        ] krusader_1.30-1.2(unstable/arm/elara): libtool update needed for arm

Package: kscreensaver (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ben Burton <bab@debian.org>
  244538 [        ] [U] kscreensaver: Displays blank screen instead of configured screensaver

Package: kudzu (debian/main)
Maintainer: Noèl Köthe <noel@debian.org>
  244881 [        ] kudzu: needs to be recompiled against current pciutils

Package: kurush (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ondřej Surý <ondrej@debian.org>
  246092 [        ] [X] kurush doesn'T start

Package: kwave (debian/main)
Maintainer: Aurelien Jarno <aurel32@debian.org>
  244149 [        ] kwave_0.7.0-1-2(unstable/arm/smackdown): needs libtool update for arm

Package: kword (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ben Burton <bab@debian.org>
  246623 [P       ] kword: Uninstallable, needs rebuild against new imagemagick

Package: l2tpd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jean-Francois Dive <jef@debian.org>
  198815 [        ] [X] l2tpd: lt2pd causes Bus error on sparc arches
  206804 [        ] [X] l2tpd: connections fail when run as daemon

Package: lablgl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Sven Luther <luther@debian.org>
  244805 [        ] FTBFS: Build-Depends on virtual package

Package: ldaptor (debian/main)
Maintainer: Tommi Virtanen <tv@debian.org>
  242147 [        ] ldaptor: FTBFS: Tries to run non-free dot

Package: lgc-pg (debian/main)
Maintainer: Lukasz Jachowicz <honey@debian.org>
  239674 [        ] [X] lgc-pg should be in contrib

Package: lgeneral (debian/main)
Maintainer: Lukasz Jachowicz <honey@debian.org>
  239673 [        ] [X] LGeneral should be in contrib

Package: libaiksaurus-data (debian/main)
Maintainer: Masayuki Hatta (mhatta) <mhatta@debian.org>
  241279 [        ] libaiksaurus-data: missing thesaurus source and attribution

Package: libapache-mod-auth-useragent (debian/main)
Maintainer: Pawel Wiecek <coven@debian.org>
  244799 [        ] FTBFS: Build-Depends conflict

Package: libapache-mod-backhand (debian/main)
Maintainer: James Bromberger <james@rcpt.to>
  244797 [        ] FTBFS: Missing Build-Depend on autoconf

Package: libapache-mod-cgi-debug (debian/main)
Maintainer: Pawel Wiecek <coven@debian.org>
  244796 [        ] FTBFS: Build-Depends conflict

Package: libapache-mod-filter (debian/main)
Maintainer: Pawel Wiecek <coven@debian.org>
  244795 [        ] FTBFS: Build-Depends conflict

Package: libapache-mod-gzip (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ryszard Lach <rla@debian.org>
  244794 [        ] FTBFS: Build-Depends conflict

Package: libapache-mod-index-rss (debian/main)
Maintainer: Pawel Wiecek <coven@debian.org>
  244800 [        ] FTBFS: Build-Depends conflict

Package: libapache-mod-ldap (debian/main)
Maintainer: Pawel Wiecek <coven@debian.org>
  244793 [        ] FTBFS: Build-Depends conflict

Package: libapache-mod-mp3 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Pawel Wiecek <coven@debian.org>
  244792 [        ] FTBFS: Build-Depends conflict

Package: libapache-mod-random (debian/main)
Maintainer: Pawel Wiecek <coven@debian.org>
  244791 [        ] FTBFS: Build-Depends conflict
  244801 [        ] (no subject)
  244802 [        ] (no subject)

Package: libapache-mod-relocate (debian/main)
Maintainer: Pawel Wiecek <coven@debian.org>
  244804 [        ] FTBFS: Build-Depends conflict

Package: libapache-mod-repository (debian/main)
Maintainer: Pawel Wiecek <coven@debian.org>
  244789 [        ] FTBFS: Build-Depends conflict

Package: libapache-mod-text2html (debian/main)
Maintainer: Pawel Wiecek <coven@debian.org>
  244803 [        ] FTBFS: Build-Depends conflict

Package: libapache-mod-trigger (debian/main)
Maintainer: Pawel Wiecek <coven@debian.org>
  244790 [        ] FTBFS: Build-Depends conflict

Package: libapache2-svn (debian/main)
Maintainer: David Kimdon <dwhedon@debian.org>
  246258 [        ] libapache2-svn: Fails to load [mod_dav_svn.so: undefined symbol: svn_sort_compare_items_as_paths]

Package: libavifile-0.7c102 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Zdenek Kabelac <kabi@debian.org>
  202627 [        ] [UX] libavifile0.7c102: recent name change breaks dependencies
  220056 [        ] [X] libavifile-0.7c102: Libraries contain undefined symbols

Package: libbonoboui (debian/main)
Maintainer: Takuo KITAME <kitame@debian.org>
  245979 [P       ] FTBFS with newer libgtk2.0-dev.

Package: libboost-python-dev (debian/main)
Maintainer: Steve M. Robbins <smr@debian.org>
  245893 [        ] libboost-python-dev: Boost.Python broken on arm

Package: libboost-python1.31.0 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Steve M. Robbins <smr@debian.org>
  243089 [        ] [X] libboost_python-gcc-mt-1_31.so does not link to libpython2.2.so

Package: libc6 (debian/main)
Maintainer: GNU Libc Maintainers <debian-glibc@lists.debian.org>
  231403 [        ] xmms fails to start with libc6 TLS libs
  234691 [        ] mkisofs: SIGBUS on sparc32 + sparc64

Package: libcal3d-0.9 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Michael Koch <konqueror@gmx.de>
  213588 [        ] libcal3d-0.9: Needs to be repackaged with valid SONAME
  243391 [        ] [U] libcal3d-0.9: The dynamic library was used by other software and is gone

Package: libcdk-dev (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stephen Zander <gibreel@debian.org>
  238957 [        ] libcdk-dev: incorrect copyright notice

Package: libcrypto++ (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stephen Zander <gibreel@debian.org>
  244892 [        ] [X] libcrypto++_5.1-5(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: segv in testing

Package: libdb3 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Matthew Wilcox <willy@debian.org>
  234507 [        ] db_open hangs indefinately on hppa architecture

Package: libdbd-informix-perl (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Roderick Schertler <roderick@argon.org>
  246347 [        ] [X] libdbd-informix-perl_2003.04-2(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: missing build-depends?

Package: libdebbug-java (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mark Howard <mh@debian.org>
  221101 [P     U ] [UX] libdebbug-java: Not good enough for sarge
  246494 [        ] [X] libdebbug-java: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends

Package: libepplet-dev (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stephen Frost <sfrost@debian.org>
  241764 [        ] libepplet-dev: should depend on imlib1(1)-dev

Package: libfilesystem-ruby (debian/main)
Maintainer: Tatsuki Sugiura <sugi@nemui.org>
  189964 [  H     ] [X] libfilesystem-ruby_0.4-1(unstable/ia64): FTBFS: seg fault

Package: libflux0 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ed Boraas <ed@debian.org>
  246533 [        ] libflux0: package description has no information

Package: libgcrypt7 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ivo Timmermans <ivo@debian.org>
  228855 [        ] Bus Error on mutt startup with imap (sparc64)

Package: libgdiplus (debian/main)
Maintainer: Eduard Bloch <blade@debian.org>
  244912 [        ] libgdiplus_0.2-2(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: should be Arch: any

Package: libggi-target-fbdev (debian/main)
Maintainer: Martin Albert <ma@debian.org>
  240570 [ +      ] libggi-target-fbdev: can't fulfill the Recommends in unstable or testing

Package: libggimisc (debian/main)
Maintainer: Martin Albert <ma@debian.org>
  243227 [        ] libggimisc_2.0.2-1: FTBFS: Build-Depends on non-existing svgalib-dummyg1

Package: libglibwww-ssl1 (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Jan-Hendrik Palic <jan.palic@linux-debian.de>
  189832 [        ] [X] libglibwww-ssl1: linked with 2 versions of libssl

Package: libglui-dev (debian/main)
Maintainer: Marcelo E. Magallon <mmagallo@debian.org>
  241141 [        ] [U] ***WRONG REPORT***Unable to compile due to ld errors. libglui.h not in /usr/include/GL directory. (PPC machine)

Package: libglut3 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jamie Wilkinson <jaq@debian.org>
  238866 [        ] Undefined symbol in libglut3: glXBindChannelToWindowSGIX

Package: libgnome-pilot2 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mike Markley <mike@markley.org>
  220061 [        ] libgnome-pilot2: Libraries contain undefined symbols

Package: libgnomecanvas (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ondřej Surý <ondrej@debian.org>
  245396 [        ] FTBFS: Fails with "Scan failed" error on ia64

Package: libgnutella-gift (debian/main)
Maintainer: Robert McQueen <robot101@debian.org>
  242654 [        ] [U] libgnutella-gift: giftd dies with a segfault when config

Package: libgtk1.2 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Akira TAGOH <tagoh@debian.org>
  234994 [   M    ] [U] gtk1.2 applications exit unexpectedly with a BadValue error when using Microsoft TrueType fonts

Package: libgtkglext1-dev (debian/main)
Maintainer: Marcelo E. Magallon <mmagallo@debian.org>
  242279 [        ] [U] libgtkglext1-dev: libgdkglext-x11 link failure against /usr/lib/libGL.so

Package: libgtop2-dev (debian/main)
Maintainer: Sebastien Bacher <seb128@debian.org>
  244010 [        ] unable to determine description for `dir' entry

Package: libjasper-1.700-2-dev (debian/main)
Maintainer: Christopher L Cheney <ccheney@debian.org>
  211592 [        ] [X] libjasper-1.700-2-dev: dependency on unavailable package (jasper0)

Package: libldap2 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Torsten Landschoff <torsten@debian.org>
  234613 [        ] [U] libldap2: cannot malloc secure memory when not root
  245314 [        ] libldap2: rdn modification can result in destroying entry

Package: liblog4j1.2-java (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Benoit Joly <benoit@debian.org>
  221236 [        ] liblog4j1.2-java: Why isn't it build from sources?

Package: libmotif3 (debian/non-free)
Maintainer: Gerd Knorr <kraxel@debian.org>
  231751 [        ] [UX] libmotif3: Open Motif 2.2.2 is Deprecated

Package: libmysqlclient10 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org>
  172723 [      U ] [S] Segfault When Calling mysql_real_connect() After mysql_options()

Package: libneon24-doc (debian/main)
Maintainer: Siggy Brentrup <bsb@debian.org>
  236974 [ +     I] [TU] FDL documentation

Package: libnss-ldap (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stephen Frost <sfrost@debian.org>
  199810 [       I] libnss-ldap: Includes non-free documentation (RFC)

Package: libnsuml-java (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian Java Maintainers <pkg-java-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org>
  246485 [        ] libnsuml-java: FTBFS: Complains about ANT_HOME

Package: libntfs-gnomevfs (debian/main)
Maintainer: David Martínez Moreno <ender@debian.org>
  229497 [    R   ] [X] libntfs-gnomevfs: showstopper installation bug

Package: libocamlgraph-ocaml-dev (debian/main)
Maintainer: Sylvain Le Gall <sylvain.le-gall@polytechnique.org>
  245709 [        ] [X] libocamlgraph-ocaml-dev: Missing libraries

Package: libogg-vorbis-decoder-perl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ivan Kohler <ivan-debian@420.am>
  240140 [        ] [X] libogg-vorbis-decoder-perl_0.5-2(unstable/arm/smackdown): broken build-depends

Package: libopengl-perl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stephen Zander <gibreel@debian.org>
  245440 [ +      ] FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends on xlibmesa-glu-dev | libglu1-mesa-dev

Package: libpam-cracklib (debian/main)
Maintainer: Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org>
  245703 [        ] [S] libpam-cracklib should depend on wordlist package

Package: libpam-ldap (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stephen Frost <sfrost@debian.org>
  145557 [ +      ] [S] libpam-ldap: filter= patch does not work with auth

Package: libpam-mysql (debian/main)
Maintainer: Pawel Wiecek <coven@debian.org>
  245790 [        ] libpam-mysql: needs to be linked against libpam and segfaults

Package: libpaper1 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stephen Zander <gibreel@debian.org>
  245403 [        ] libpaper1: libpaper1 does not preserve user changes

Package: libpth2 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Luis Bustamante <luferbu@fluidsignal.com>
  237209 [        ] libpth2: soname is libpth.so.20

Package: librmagick-ruby (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mike Williams <mdub@dogbiscuit.org>
  245439 [        ] FTBFS: ruby errors

Package: libroxen-logsql (debian/main)
Maintainer: Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@debian.org>
  213967 [        ] [SX] libroxen-logsql: The debian/copyright file is not correct

Package: libssl0.9.7 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Christoph Martin <christoph.martin@uni-mainz.de>
  239377 [        ] [TU] libssl0.9.7: missing export tmp rsa key

Package: libsword-runtime (debian/main)
Maintainer: Daniel Glassey <wdg@debian.org>
  157115 [        ] [SX] The .deb doesn't contain the utilities

Package: libt1-5 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Artur R. Czechowski <arturcz@hell.pl>
  243378 [  HM    ] segmentation fault in xpdf

Package: libtiff3g (debian/main)
Maintainer: Josip Rodin <joy-packages@debian.org>
  234765 [        ] [U] gnome-panel: Freezes when encountering TIFF icons

Package: libvpopmail-perl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Pawel Wiecek <coven@debian.org>
  243007 [        ] [X] libvpopmail-perl_0.08-1(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: non-PIC in shared lib

Package: libxerces2-java (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian Java Maintainers <pkg-java-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org>
  246468 [        ] libxerces2-java: FTBFS under fakeroot (clobbers LD_LIBRARY_PATH)

Package: libxklavier (debian/main)
Maintainer: Filip Van Raemdonck <mechanix@debian.org>
  244148 [ +      ] libxklavier_1.02-1(unstable/arm/netwinder): needs libtool update for arm

Package: libyahoo2 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Gopal Narayanan <gopal@debian.org>
  244913 [        ] libyahoo2_0.7.4-1(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: compiler errors

Package: links-ssl (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Peter Gervai <grin@tolna.net>
  171338 [        ] [X] links-ssl: Must move to non-free

Package: linux-kernel-headers (debian/main)
Maintainer: GNU Libc Maintainers <debian-glibc@lists.debian.org>
  231972 [        ] lkh: /usr/include/linux/ptrace.h buggy

Package: linuxinfo (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ola Lundqvist <opal@debian.org>
  245602 [        ] FTBFS: setgid control directory

Package: linuxsms (debian/main)
Maintainer: Santiago Garcia Mantinan <manty@debian.org>
  136965 [        ] [UX] This package is still not ready to be in our stable distribution

Package: lirc (debian/main)
Maintainer: Manuel Estrada Sainz <ranty@debian.org>
  243195 [        ] lirc_0.6.6-7: FTBFS: Build-Depends on non-existing svgalib-dummyg1

Package: logcheck (debian/main)
Maintainer: Todd Troxell <ttroxell@debian.org>
  244411 [        ] [S] logcheck: Upgrade loses symlinks in /etc/logcheck

Package: logcheck-database (debian/main)
Maintainer: Todd Troxell <ttroxell@debian.org>
  244511 [        ] [S] logcheck-database: While up- or downgrading logcheck-database: "Internal Error: linkfile() called without names !"

Package: logtrend-visuengine (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jean-Francois Dive <jef@debian.org>
  240545 [        ] logtrend-visuengine: can't fulfill the Recommends in unstable or testing

Package: lprng (debian/main)
Maintainer: Craig Small <csmall@debian.org>
  245274 [  H   U ] lpd goes into busyloop processing queue

Package: lsbappchk (debian/main)
Maintainer: Matt Taggart <taggart@debian.org>
  212043 [        ] [X] lsbappchk_1.3.4-1(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: missing __hppa__ in proginterp.c

Package: lsbdev (debian/main)
Maintainer: Matt Taggart <taggart@debian.org>
  143852 [        ] [X] lsbdev: prevents rpm upgrade
  184484 [ +      ] [X] lsbdev: Can't start ssh:  missing privilege separation directory
  194986 [        ] [X] lsbdev: FTBFS with gcc-3.3

Package: lsh-utils (debian/main)
Maintainer: Timshel Knoll <timshel@debian.org>
  242040 [        ] lsh-utils_1.4.2-6(unstable): FTBFS: assignment to const value

Package: lush (debian/main)
Maintainer: Kevin M. Rosenberg <kmr@debian.org>
  243501 [      U ] lush_1.0+cvs.2004.04.02(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: errors during data file build

Package: lvm2 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Andres Salomon <dilinger@voxel.net>
  237408 [        ] lvm2 - failes on devices > 4GiB
  237409 [        ] lvm2 - hardcodes 512 bytes per sector

Package: lyx-xforms (debian/main)
Maintainer: Piotr Roszatycki <dexter@debian.org>
  245946 [        ] lyx-xforms crashes when trying to view/export DVI/PS etc...

Package: mailutils (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jordi Mallach <jordi@debian.org>
  244953 [        ] [U] mailutils: trying to overwrite `/usr/share/man/man8/mail.local.8.gz', which is also in package sendmail

Package: maint-guide-de (debian/main)
Maintainer: Josip Rodin <joy-packages@debian.org>
  241950 [ +      ] New package and web sites update NEEDED

Package: make-cross (debian/main)
Maintainer: Santiago Vila <sanvila@debian.org>
  236456 [        ] package make-cross build-depends on gcc-3.2/g++-3.2

Package: malaga (debian/main)
Maintainer: Thomas Bushnell, BSG <tb@debian.org>
  229937 [ +      ] [X] malaga: latex2html moved to non-free

Package: manderlbot (debian/main)
Maintainer: Julien Danjou <acid@debian.org>
  242043 [ +      ] manderlbot_0.9.2-3(unstable): FTBFS

Package: mbrowse (debian/main)
Maintainer: Noel Koethe <noel@debian.org>
  246253 [        ] FTBFS: NetSnmpVersionInfo is not defined

Package: mc (debian/main)
Maintainer: Adam Byrtek <alpha@debian.org>
  231071 [        ] Italian translation changes hotkeys in a dangerous way

Package: mconfig (debian/main)
Maintainer: Roman Hodek <roman@debian.org>
  240155 [        ] mconfig(mips/unstable): FTBFS: assigns value to a const

Package: mergeant (debian/main)
Maintainer: Akira TAGOH <tagoh@debian.org>
  228893 [        ] [X] mergeant constantly crashes

Package: mesademos (debian/main)
Maintainer: Marcelo E. Magallon <mmagallo@debian.org>
  244190 [        ] mesademos: please clarify copyright on images/girl.rgb

Package: mgetty (debian/main)
Maintainer: Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org>
  199351 [     S  ] [S] mgetty (<1.1.29) buffer overflow was fixed?

Package: mgetty-fax (debian/main)
Maintainer: Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org>
  246328 [P       ] Upgrade 1.1.30-8 -> 1.1.30-9 problem

Package: microwindows (debian/main)
Maintainer: David Schleef <ds@schleef.org>
  210306 [        ] [U] microwindows: sid version doesn't build on some archs

Package: midentd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@debian.org>
  242411 [ +      ] midentd: unpurgable

Package: mig (debian/main)
Maintainer: GNU Hurd Maintainers <bug-hurd@gnu.org>
  246254 [        ] [X] FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends on flex inter alia

Package: mime-support (debian/main)
Maintainer: Brian White <bcwhite@pobox.com>
  190413 [ +      ] [S] "Security patch is fundamentally broken"

Package: mindi (debian/main)
Maintainer: Hector Garcia <hector@debian.org>
  227757 [        ] [UX] Uninstallable, bad dependency on removed package mindi-kernel
  233606 [        ] [X] mindi: Contains unsourced binaries in source package

Package: mindi-kernel (debian/main)
Maintainer: Andree Leidenfrost <aleidenf@bigpond.net.au>
  246484 [        ] [X] mindi-kernel: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends

Package: mirrordir (debian/main)
Maintainer: James R. Van Zandt <jrv@debian.org>
  246255 [ +      ] FTBFS: Regenerate aclocal.m4

Package: mirrormagic (debian/main)
Maintainer: Drew Parsons <dparsons@debian.org>
  229747 [        ] Parts of mirrormagic unfree / undistributable?

Package: mkultra (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mike Hommey <mh@glandium.org>
  243406 [        ] mkultra_0.2.1-3: FTBFS: obsolete KWin decorations API

Package: mldonkey-server (debian/main)
Maintainer: Sylvain LE GALL <sylvain.le-gall@polytechnique.org>
  238686 [      U ] mldonkey-server: core dump of mldonkey-users command at startup
  245821 [        ] mldonkey-server: refuses any telnet/gui/http connections

Package: mnogosearch-pgsql-dev (debian/main)
Maintainer: Craig Small <csmall@debian.org>
  178541 [        ] [SX] mnogosearch-pgsql-dev: Has a file that conflicts with mnogosearch-pgsql: /usr/lib/libudmsearch.a

Package: mondo (debian/main)
Maintainer: Hector Garcia <hector@debian.org>
  209189 [ +      ] [X] mondo stores architecture-dependent executables in /usr/share/
  233605 [        ] [X] mondo: Contains unsourced binaries in source package

Package: monster-masher (debian/main)
Maintainer: Sven Luther <luther@debian.org>
  243200 [        ] monster-masher_1.4-1: FTBFS: error: uninitialized member

Package: mount (debian/main)
Maintainer: LaMont Jones <lamont@debian.org>
  241374 [        ] [U] mount -n -o remount,ro / does not leave ext2 fs in proper state

Package: mozart (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian QA Group <packages@qa.debian.org>
  204045 [      U ] [X] mozart_1.2.5.20030212-2(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: times out building

Package: mozilla (debian/main)
Maintainer: Takuo KITAME <kitame@debian.org>
  237422 [     S  ] [S] Various security realated Bugs are unfixed in debian stable

Package: mozilla-browser (debian/main)
Maintainer: Takuo KITAME <kitame@debian.org>
  235873 [        ] [S] Mozilla eats bookmarks on ENOSPC

Package: mozilla-browser-snapshot (debian/main)
Maintainer: Takuo KITAME <kitame@debian.org>
  213821 [        ] [UX] mozilla-browser-snapshot (0.0.20031002.13.trunk-1) is uninstallable
  218366 [        ] [UX] /usr/sbin/update-mozilla-snapshot-chrome: Segmentation fault, can't install package
  232608 [        ] [X] /sbin/update-mozilla-snapshot-chrome: Segmentation fault: regchrome >/dev/null

Package: mozilla-ctxextensions (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mike Hommey <mh@glandium.org>
  244086 [P       ] mozilla-ctxextensions: Package fails at purge

Package: mozilla-firefox (debian/main)
Maintainer: Eric Dorland <eric@debian.org>
  246393 [        ] mozilla-firefox: Crashes seconds after startup

Package: mozilla-locale-zh-hk (debian/main)
Maintainer: Anthony Fok <foka@debian.org>
  225290 [        ] [X] Broken dependencies
  234221 [        ] [X] mozilla-locale-zh-hk: broken dependency

Package: mozilla-snapshot (debian/main)
Maintainer: Takuo KITAME <kitame@debian.org>
  142793 [        ] [X] mozilla-snapshot not fit for release
  185392 [        ] [X] mozilla-snapshot_0.0.20030305.09.trunk-1(hppa/unstable):

Package: mpb-mpi (debian/main)
Maintainer: Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org>
  240543 [        ] mpb-mpi: can't fulfill the Recommends in unstable or testing

Package: mq3 (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Kyle McMartin <kyle@debian.org>
  166513 [        ] [SX] mq3: not working, problem with libraries
  183297 [ +      ] [SX] mq3: Uninstallable, depends on old Qt libs 

Package: mtink (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Sylvain LE GALL <sylvain.le-gall@polytechnique.org>
  242645 [        ] FTBFS: unsatisfied build dependency on libgimp1.3-dev

Package: mueller (debian/main)
Maintainer: Yven Johannes Leist <leist@beldesign.de>
  238071 [ +      ] [X] mueller: FTBFS: Permission problems

Package: muffin (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Bradley Marshall <bmarshal@pisoftware.com>
  235622 [        ] [UX] No longer supported??

Package: mush (debian/non-free)
Maintainer: Pawel Wiecek <coven@debian.org>
  242281 [        ] Problem with mush's license

Package: mysql++ (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stephan A Suerken <absurd@debian.org>
  242685 [ +      ] FTBFS: uninitialized const members

Package: nagios (debian/main)
Maintainer: Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@debian.org>
  241807 [ +      ] nagios-mysql: update-nagios called from nagios-plugins postinst updates conffile

Package: nagios-mysql (debian/main)
Maintainer: Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@debian.org>
  235139 [ +      ] nagios-mysql: nagios process doesn't parse config files
  246371 [ +      ] nagios-mysql - some nagios cgi's without database support

Package: nagios-pgsql (debian/main)
Maintainer: Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@debian.org>
  235309 [        ] nagios-pgsql: /usr/sbin/nagios -v /etc/nagios/nagios.cfg does not read properly after upgrade this this version

Package: nessus (debian/main)
Maintainer: Josip Rodin <joy-packages@debian.org>
  241154 [        ] nessus: Stops cold (no errors, just hangs) on Checks

Package: net-snmp (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jochen Friedrich <jochen@scram.de>
  246675 [        ] FTFBS on TCP wrappers detection

Package: netjuke (debian/main)
Maintainer: Sam Johnston <samj@debian.org>
  192336 [        ] [X] netjuke: Can't log in to installed system

Package: netsaint-nrpe (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Ben Bell <bjb@debian.org>
  169333 [        ] nrpe plugin it's not installable with nagios (new netsaint)

Package: nhc98 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ian Lynagh (wibble) <igloo@debian.org>
  236447 [        ] package nhc98 build-depends on gcc-3.2/g++-3.2

Package: ntaim (debian/main)
Maintainer: Doug Porter <dsp@debian.org>
  227715 [        ] [SX] ntaim: I'm always disconnected after a minute or so.

Package: nullidentd (debian/main)
Maintainer: John H. Robinson, IV <jaqque@debian.org>
  240615 [   MR   ] nullidentd: Installation Fails with "syntax error: unknown group `uml-net' in statusoverride file"

Package: objc-poc (debian/main)
Maintainer: Marcel Harkema <marcel@debian.org>
  221241 [        ] [X] objc-poc_3.1.26-2.1(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: non-PIC in shared lib
  240320 [        ] [X] objc-poc_3.1.26-2.1(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: segv during build

Package: onshore-timesheet (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian QA Group <packages@qa.debian.org>
  193078 [ +      ] [X] onshore-timesheet: FTBFS: Assumes postgres group exists at build time

Package: oops (debian/main)
Maintainer: Michael Zehrer <zehrer@zepan.org>
  231923 [ +      ] [X] oops_1.5.23.cvs-1(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: links with ld
  231924 [ +      ] [X] oops_1.5.23.cvs-1(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: non-PIC in shared lib

Package: op-fb (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ivan E. Moore II <rkrusty@debian.org>
  240562 [        ] [X] python-twisted: can't fulfill the Recommends in unstable or testing

Package: op-showimg-fb (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ivan E. Moore II <rkrusty@debian.org>
  211663 [        ] [X] Conflict with showimg

Package: openmosix (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stephen Frost <sfrost@debian.org>
  232810 [        ] openmosix: FTBFS with linux-kernel-headers

Package: openoffice.org (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian OpenOffice Team <debian-openoffice@lists.debian.org>
  245861 [        ] openoffice.org: setup fails with "not enough space..." -- no largefile support

Package: opensc (debian/main)
Maintainer: Eric Dorland <eric@debian.org>
  239422 [        ] opensc_0.8.1-3(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: non-PIC in shared lib

Package: openssl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Christoph Martin <christoph.martin@uni-mainz.de>
  176062 [      U ] openssl: Expired certificates and recertification

Package: openuniverse (debian/main)
Maintainer: Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Pen~a <jfs@computer.org>
  246049 [        ] openuniverse: Star data catalogue used (yale) cannot be distributed in modified form

Package: opie-games-fb (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ivan E. Moore II <rkrusty@debian.org>
  221081 [        ] [X] opie-games-fb: FTBFS: cannot open noncore/games/chess/config.in

Package: opie-inputmethods-fb (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ivan E. Moore II <rkrusty@debian.org>
  210803 [        ] [X] opie-inputmethods-fb: (m68k/unstable) FTBFS: config fails

Package: opie-settings-fb (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ivan E. Moore II <rkrusty@debian.org>
  221083 [        ] [X] opie-settings-fb: FTBFS: Compiler error in usermanager/userdialog.h

Package: orp (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Takashi Okamoto <tora@debian.org>
  178732 [        ] [X] orp: crashes on startup
  185881 [        ] [X] FTBFS: Compile error with glibc 2.3

Package: paintlib (debian/main)
Maintainer: Torsten Werner <twerner@debian.org>
  246453 [        ] [X] paintlib_2.6.0-1(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: compile errors

Package: partconf (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian Install System Team <debian-boot@lists.debian.org>
  220949 [        ] [X] install: Installer overwrites user data without warning
  221213 [        ] [X] partconf: Uninstallable due to broken depends

Package: partimage-server (debian/main)
Maintainer: Sergio Rua <srua@debian.org>
  201611 [ +      ] [S] partimage-server will not install on woody system

Package: partitioner (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian Install System Team <debian-boot@lists.debian.org>
  213773 [        ] [X] fails on hppa

Package: partman (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian Install System Team <debian-boot@lists.debian.org>
  243679 [        ] [X] partman: when checking the existing swap partition on powerpc/chrp/pegasos, freeze the box at around 37-41%.

Package: pbbuttonsd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jan-Hendrik Palic <jan.palic@linux-debian.de>
  244361 [        ] pbbuttonsd: FTBFS: Cannot find depcomp

Package: pcmcia-modules-2.4.18-bf2.4 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Brian Mays <brian@debian.org>
  206082 [        ] [SX] pcmcia-modules-2.4.18-bf2.4 broken dependency.

Package: pd-externals (debian/main)
Maintainer: Guenter Geiger (Debian/GNU) <geiger@debian.org>
  239423 [        ] [X] pd-externals_00.20031105-4(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: non-PIC in shared lib

Package: pdns (debian/main)
Maintainer: Wichert Akkerman <wichert@wiggy.net>
  236941 [ +      ] pdns_2.9.16-1(unstable/sparc): missing build-depends

Package: perl (debian/main)
Maintainer: Brendan O'Dea <bod@debian.org>
  231082 [        ] [S] spamassassin: spamc hangs since most recent perl package updates for stable
  241810 [        ] install-info segfaults when installing util-linux 2.12-3 on powerpc

Package: perl-debug (debian/main)
Maintainer: Brendan O'Dea <bod@debian.org>
  246326 [        ] [U] perl-debug: Not compiled with -DDEBUGGING; cannot use -D options

Package: pgadmin3 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Raphael Enrici <blacknoz@club-internet.fr>
  239226 [      U ] [UX] pgadmin3: Should not link statically against wxWidgets 2.5.x

Package: pgi (debian/main)
Maintainer: Progeny Debian Packaging Team <debian-packages@progeny.com>
  175063 [        ] [X] pgi: build-depends on non-existant busybox-source-0.60.0 package

Package: php3 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Petr Cech <cech@debian.org>
  246235 [ +      ] [X] malformed build-depends entry confusing dpkg-checkbuilddeps

Package: php3-cgi-magick (debian/main)
Maintainer: Petr Cech <cech@debian.org>
  245845 [ +      ] [UXX] php3-magick, php3-cgi-magick: Please rebuild with current imagemagick.

Package: php3-magick (debian/main)
Maintainer: Petr Cech <cech@debian.org>
  245845 [ +      ] [UXX] php3-magick, php3-cgi-magick: Please rebuild with current imagemagick.

Package: php4-gd2 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Adam Conrad <adconrad@0c3.net>
  241270 [        ] [U] php4-gd2: Call to GD2 segfaults

Package: php4-imagick (debian/main)
Maintainer: Bruno Rodrigues <bruno.rodrigues@litux.org>
  246478 [        ] php4-imagick: Uninstallable: Needs rebuild against new imagemagick

Package: php4-interbase (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian QA Group <packages@qa.debian.org>
  246479 [ +      ] php4-interbase: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends

Package: php4-tclink (debian/main)
Maintainer: Dan Helfman <witten@debian.org>
  242756 [        ] php4-tclink_3.4.0-3: FTBFS: executes non-executable file

Package: php4-vpopmail (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Pawel Wiecek <coven@debian.org>
  243006 [        ] [X] php4-vpopmail_4.3.4-1(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: permissions issues

Package: pike7.4 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Marek Habersack <grendel@debian.org>
  246449 [        ] pike7.4_7.4.47-1(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: non-PIC in shared lib

Package: plptools (debian/main)
Maintainer: John Lines <john@paladin.demon.co.uk>
  246475 [        ] plptools: FTBFS: kdb2html is no more

Package: plwm-doc (debian/main)
Maintainer: Moshe Zadka <moshez@debian.org>
  240571 [        ] plwm-doc: can't fulfill the Recommends in unstable or testing

Package: postaci (debian/main)
Maintainer: Murat Demirten <murat@debian.org>
  246356 [        ] [X] Postaci in stable and not in /dev/null

Package: postfix (debian/main)
Maintainer: LaMont Jones <lamont@debian.org>
  162941 [        ] [S] postfix: During install groupadd prompts for Password and hangs
  228721 [        ] postfix: Fail to upgrade from 1.x to 2.x in sarge
  232715 [        ] master.cf modified by maintainer scripts and a conffile

Package: ppxp (debian/main)
Maintainer: Takuo KITAME <kitame@debian.org>
  225409 [ +      ] [X] ppxp: FTBFS: Errors in kernel headers

Package: prboom (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Moritz Muehlenhoff <jmm@informatik.uni-bremen.de>
  241297 [        ] prboom: Kills display when run in X

Package: pslib (debian/main)
Maintainer: Uwe Steinmann <uwe@steinmann.cx>
  244661 [        ] pslib_0.1.12-1(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: rules problems

Package: pvpgn (debian/main)
Maintainer: Robert Millan <rmh@debian.org>
  235480 [        ] [X] pvpgn_1.5.99+1.6.0pre3-1(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: compile errors

Package: pxesconfig (debian/main)
Maintainer: Sam Johnston <samj@aos.net.au>
  233635 [        ] [X] missing dependency - pxesconfig: Depends: pxes (= 0.7-1-1) but it is not installable

Package: pydb (debian/main)
Maintainer: Gregor Hoffleit <flight@debian.org>
  190662 [        ] [X] pydb: cont not working, run after C-c not working

Package: python-clientcookie (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ganesan Rajagopal <rganesan@debian.org>
  246495 [        ] [U] python-clientcookie: Dummy package missing dependency on real package (python2.3-clientcookie).

Package: python-pcgi (debian/main)
Maintainer: Gregor Hoffleit <flight@debian.org>
  225539 [        ] [X] python-pcgi: uninstallable (depends on python-bobo)

Package: python2.1-osd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Tommi Virtanen <tv@debian.org>
  240549 [        ] python2.1-osd: can't fulfill the Recommends in unstable or testing

Package: python2.3-sip-qt3 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ricardo Javier Cardenes Medina <rcardenes@debian.org>
  242412 [        ] [U] python2.3-sip-qt3 doesn't include libsip.so.10

Package: python2.3-soya (debian/main)
Maintainer: Marc Dequènes (Duck) <Duck@DuckCorp.org>
  245831 [        ] /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/_soya.so contains non-PIC code

Package: qemu (debian/main)
Maintainer: Paul Russell <prussell@debian.org>
  243325 [        ] qemu: Wrong aalib-config line in configure prevents build

Package: qsstv (debian/main)
Maintainer: Joop Stakenborg <pa3aba@debian.org>
  245912 [        ] qsstv received pictures broken

Package: qt-x11 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ivan E. Moore II <rkrusty@debian.org>
  242768 [        ] qt-x11_3:2.3.2-14: FTBFS: XFT_FILE and XftFont undeclared

Package: qt-x11-free (debian/main)
Maintainer: Martin Loschwitz <madkiss@debian.org>
  246198 [        ] qt-xll-free: FTBFS: Xcursor support cannot be enabled

Package: quake2 (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Jamie Wilkinson <jaq@debian.org>
  246286 [        ] quake2: video completely corrupted on 64-bit platforms

Package: racoon (debian/main)
Maintainer: Matthew Grant <grantma@anathoth.gen.nz>
  244180 [ +    U ] [T] CAN-2004-0155 RSA signature authentication not verified when authenticating a peer during Phase 1

Package: radiuscontext (debian/main)
Maintainer: David LaBissoniere <labisso@debian.org>
  244308 [ +      ] radiuscontext: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends

Package: rapidsvn (debian/main)
Maintainer: Matthias Klose <doko@debian.org>
  246497 [P     U ] rapidsvn: FTBFS: Compiler errors

Package: roleplaying (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian QA Group <packages@qa.debian.org>
  246486 [        ] roleplaying: FTBFS: Swig errors

Package: rsync (debian/main)
Maintainer: Paul Slootman <paul@debian.org>
  246459 [     SU ] [ST] CAN-2004-0426: write access outside of module's path possible

Package: rxvt (debian/main)
Maintainer: Brian Mays <brian@debian.org>
  244810 [     SU ] CAN-2003-0066 Arbitrary command execution a.o. via escape sequencies

Package: saoimage (debian/main)
Maintainer: Tinguaro Barreno Delgado <tbarreno@debian.org>
  238628 [ +      ] saoimage: FTBFS: -DSYSV confuses X headers

Package: scm (debian/main)
Maintainer: James LewisMoss <dres@debian.org>
  144062 [ +      ] [TU] scm_5d4-3(hppa/unstable): build fails, wanting STACK_GROWS_UP defined

Package: sear (debian/main)
Maintainer: Michael Koch <konqueror@gmx.de>
  238493 [        ] [X] sear: Dont propagate into testing/sarge

Package: sear-media (debian/main)
Maintainer: Michael Koch <konqueror@gmx.de>
  238492 [        ] [X] sear-media: Dont propagate into testing/sarge

Package: selinux-policy-default (debian/main)
Maintainer: Russell Coker <russell@coker.com.au>
  227972 [        ] [X] selinux-policy-default: Uninstallable in sid

Package: semi (debian/main)
Maintainer: Tatsuya Kinoshita <tats@vega.ocn.ne.jp>
  223456 [ +   SU ] [S] semi: mime-store-message/partial-piece handles temporary file insecurely

Package: sendmail (debian/main)
Maintainer: Richard A Nelson (Rick) <cowboy@debian.org>
  174907 [ +   S  ] [OS] sendmail relay access restrictions can be bypassed with bogus DNS

Package: setools (debian/main)
Maintainer: Russell Coker <russell@coker.com.au>
  244382 [        ] setools: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends

Package: sfs (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jaakko Niemi <liiwi@debian.org>
  242408 [        ] sfs_1:0.7.2-6: FTBFS: error: uninitialized member ...

Package: shadow (debian/main)
Maintainer: Karl Ramm <kcr@debian.org>
  244297 [        ] License violation

Package: shared-mime-info (debian/main)
Maintainer: Filip Van Raemdonck <mechanix@debian.org>
  240754 [        ] [X] shared-mime-info_0.14-1(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: bad build rules

Package: sim (debian/main)
Maintainer: Murat Demirten <murat@debian.org>
  241250 [ +      ] sim_0.9.3-1(unstable/arm/netwinder): needs libtool update for arm

Package: slapd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Torsten Landschoff <torsten@debian.org>
  244827 [        ] [U] slapd 2.1.29 crashes

Package: slashem-common (debian/main)
Maintainer: Peter Makholm <peter@makholm.net>
  244383 [        ] [UX] slashem-common: should conflict/replace old slashem

Package: smail (debian/main)
Maintainer: Hector Garcia <hector@debian.org>
  245391 [        ] smail: Purging package does not remove log files.

Package: smssend (debian/main)
Maintainer: Lenart Janos <ocsi@debian.org>
  239045 [        ] smssend: License not compliant with the DFSG.

Package: smurf (debian/main)
Maintainer: Hwei Sheng Teoh <hsteoh@debian.org>
  240350 [        ] smurf: Too much activity causes XF86 hard lockup, requiring power cycle or reset.
  240554 [        ] smurf: can't fulfill the Recommends in unstable or testing

Package: soya (debian/main)
Maintainer: Marc Dequènes (Duck) <Duck@DuckCorp.org>
  245242 [        ] soya_0.6.1b-1(ia64/unstable): FBTFS: non-PIC in shared lib

Package: spip-eva (debian/main)
Maintainer: Gaetan RYCKEBOER <gaetan@virtual-net.fr>
  207616 [        ] [X] spip-eva: Spip blindly removes directories on purge

Package: squirrelmail (debian/main)
Maintainer: Sam Johnston <samj@aos.net.au>
  232944 [        ] [TU] squirrelmail: Language setting does not change the language in UI

Package: ssh (debian/main)
Maintainer: Matthew Vernon <matthew@debian.org>
  211640 [       I] ssh: contains unlicensed Internet-Draft in /usr/share/doc/ssh/RFC.gz
  211644 [        ] [TU] ssh: multiple license problems

Package: sslwrap (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jonathan McDowell <noodles@earth.li>
  246143 [     S  ] daemon exits on any name resolution failure

Package: stars (debian/main)
Maintainer: Brian R Furry <bfurry@nac.net>
  246047 [        ] stars: Star data catalogues being used cannot be distributed modified and license concers of other data/ files

Package: straw (debian/main)
Maintainer: Ross Burton <ross@debian.org>
  242962 [ +      ] straw: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends

Package: svk (debian/main)
Maintainer: Bastian Blank <waldi@debian.org>
  245540 [        ] [X] svk_0.12-1(unstable): FTBFS: missing build-deps

Package: svn-devscripts (debian/main)
Maintainer: Eduard Bloch <blade@debian.org>
  237077 [        ] [UX] must not be released

Package: swh-plugins (debian/main)
Maintainer: Anand Kumria <wildfire@progsoc.org>
  244303 [        ] swh-plugins: FTBFS: Compiler errors in delay_1898.xml

Package: swig1.3 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Torsten Landschoff <torsten@debian.org>
  246452 [        ] swig1.3_1.3.21-4(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: missing files

Package: sympa (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stefan Hornburg (Racke) <racke@linuxia.de>
  234464 [ +   S  ] [S] Sympa+postgresql uninstallable on woody; also  excessive DB privs

Package: syscalltrack (debian/main)
Maintainer: Baruch Even <baruch@debian.org>
  155098 [        ] [X] syscalltrack_0.72-1(unstable/sparc): FTBFS: -Werror bites
  190697 [ +      ] [X] syscalltrack: FTBFS: g++ 3.2 warnings (with -Werror)

Package: syscalltrack-source (debian/main)
Maintainer: Baruch Even <baruch@debian.org>
  240547 [        ] [X] syscalltrack-source: can't fulfill the Recommends in unstable

Package: sysklogd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Martin Schulze <joey@debian.org>
  245513 [ +      ] sysklogd: FTBFS on s390 - missing atomic_t / __KERNEL__

Package: systemimager-ssh-i386 (debian/main)
Maintainer: dann frazier <dannf@debian.org>
  240531 [        ] [U] systemimager-ssh-i386 is not installable in unstable

Package: systemimager-ssh-ia64 (debian/main)
Maintainer: dann frazier <dannf@debian.org>
  240538 [        ] [U] systemimager-ssh-ia64 is not installable in unstable

Package: t-gnus (debian/main)
Maintainer: Takuo KITAME <kitame@debian.org>
  245826 [        ] t-gnus: please maintain and update the package

Package: tetex-bin (debian/main)
Maintainer: teTeX maintainers <debian-tetex-maint@lists.debian.org>
  244601 [        ] tetex-bin: package fails to configure: Error: `mpost -ini -jobname=metafun -progname=mpost metafun.mp' failed

Package: tex4ht (debian/main)
Maintainer: Andrew Gray <ajpg@debian.org>
  244276 [        ] tex4ht: source code is obfuscated

Package: texgd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Georges Khaznadar <gekhajofour@netinfo.fr>
  221724 [        ] [X] texgd: Should depend on libgd2

Package: texinfo (debian/main)
Maintainer: Josip Rodin <joy-packages@debian.org>
  218976 [ +      ] Contains /usr/share/info/dir.old.gz if rebuilt on current sid

Package: tftpd-hpa (debian/main)
Maintainer: Jaakko Niemi <liiwi@debian.org>
  245017 [        ] tftpd-hpa: Fails with "cannot set groups for user nobody"

Package: thoughttracker (debian/main)
Maintainer: C.M. Connelly <cmc@debian.org>
  198905 [ +      ] [X] (m68k/unstable): FTBFS: missing build-depends or timeskew problem

Package: tkmixer (debian/main)
Maintainer: Nikita Schmidt <cetus@debian.org>
  244474 [        ] tkmixer: ioctl error on device "/dev/mixer" (Operation not permitted)

Package: tmda (debian/main)
Maintainer: Adam D. McKenna <adam@debian.org>
  221906 [        ] [X] do not release tmda into stable

Package: tor (debian/main)
Maintainer: Peter Palfrader <weasel@debian.org>
  229021 [        ] [X] tor: don't migrate to testing

Package: trafstats (debian/main)
Maintainer: Rens Houben <shadur@debian.org>
  198832 [        ] [X] trafstats: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends
  222871 [        ] [X] FTBFS: libpq++ API changes make trafstats uncompilable.

Package: tripwire (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stephen Zander <gibreel@debian.org>
  244299 [        ] [U] tripwire: twadmin run-away process

Package: ttcn3parser (debian/main)
Maintainer: W. Borgert <debacle@debian.org>
  233052 [        ] ttcn3parser: FTBFS m68k: invalid static_cast

Package: tuxracer (debian/main)
Maintainer: Oliver M. Bolzer <oliver@debian.org>
  242409 [ +      ] tuxracer_0.61-6.3: FTBFS: glx.h defines glXGetProcAddressARB... no

Package: tyvis (debian/main)
Maintainer: Dale E Martin <dmartin@cliftonlabs.com>
  243322 [        ] tyvis_20031216-2(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: compile errors

Package: umbrello-manual (debian/main)
Maintainer: Robert Lemmen <robertle@semistable.com>
  236951 [P       ] [X] umbrello+manual: file overlap

Package: unrar (debian/non-free)
Maintainer: Petr Cech <cech@debian.org>
  239188 [ +      ] unrar: Build-dependency on g++ must be versioned, or "g++" used directly

Package: user-mode-linux (debian/main)
Maintainer: Matt Zimmerman <mdz@debian.org>
  200325 [ +      ] [S] user-mode-linux: Source compilation fails with kernel-source-2.4.18_2.4.18-9  (kernel_thread)

Package: util-linux (debian/main)
Maintainer: LaMont Jones <lamont@debian.org>
  228747 [        ] util-linux: sparc fdisk no longer detects values for new disk label
  231477 [ +      ] Undeclared versioned dependency on coreutils (uname --kernel-name, uname --machine)
  239670 [ +      ] util-linux_2.12-6(mipsel/unstable): FTBFS on mips and mipsel

Package: vegastrike (debian/main)
Maintainer: Mike Furr <mfurr@debian.org>
  238446 [        ] [T] don't ship 0.3.1-5.1 with sarge

Package: verilog-mode (debian/main)
Maintainer: Remi Lefebvre <remi@debian.org>
  228524 [        ] [X] verilog-mode: does not compile with xemacs21

Package: viewcvs (debian/main)
Maintainer: Takuo KITAME <kitame@debian.org>
  239967 [        ] upgrade destroyed my working viewcvs.conf

Package: viewpdf (debian/main)
Maintainer: Gürkan Sengün <gurkan@linuks.mine.nu>
  239721 [        ] viewpdf_0.8.5-1(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: missing library

Package: vqadmin (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Sam Johnston <samj@aos.net.au>
  243004 [        ] [X] vqadmin_2.3.2-2(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: requires vpopmail user

Package: vqregister (debian/contrib)
Maintainer: Sam Johnston <samj@aos.net.au>
  243005 [        ] [X] vqregister_2.5-2(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: missing lib?

Package: vtkdata-installer (debian/main)
Maintainer: A. Maitland Bottoms <bottoms@debian.org>
  161300 [        ] [SX] vtkdata-installer: Data files not found (404 Error).

Package: warped (debian/main)
Maintainer: Dale E Martin <dmartin@cliftonlabs.com>
  244306 [        ] warped: FTBFS: Compiler errors in MatternGVTManager.cpp

Package: whitespace (debian/main)
Maintainer: Andrew Stribblehill <ads@debian.org>
  246569 [        ] [X] whitespace_0.2-1(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: please migrate to ghc6

Package: www.debian.org (pseudo)
Maintainer: James Treacy and others <debian-www@lists.debian.org>
  238245 [        ] [U] Open Publication License is not DFSG Free

Package: x-ttcidfont-conf (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian QA Group <packages@qa.debian.org>
  246439 [        ] x-ttcidfont-conf: Failure to install

Package: xball (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stephen Birch <sgbirch@imsmail.org>
  244289 [        ] xball: Package includes non-free source code.

Package: xbill (debian/main)
Maintainer: Adrian Bridgett <bridgett@debian.org>
  243722 [        ] xbill: deletes dpkg registered xbill.scores.default in postinst

Package: xboing (debian/main)
Maintainer: Alexander Kotelnikov <sacha@debian.org>
  235599 [        ] xboing: Xboing unplayable with 2.6 kernel

Package: xdelta2 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Yann Dirson <dirson@debian.org>
  195317 [      U ] [SUX] xdelta2 retrieve does not work

Package: xemacs21 (debian/main)
Maintainer: James LewisMoss <dres@debian.org>
  206667 [        ] xemacs21: xemacs21_21.4.13-4(m68k/unstable): FTBFS: Segmentation fault
  207412 [        ] [U] xemacs21 SEGVs while byte-compiling on install
  239337 [        ] [ST] xemacs21: Incomplete information in copyright file (in sarge & woody)

Package: xemacs21-gnome-mule (debian/main)
Maintainer: James LewisMoss <dres@debian.org>
  233791 [        ] xemacs21-gnome-mule fails during install

Package: xemacs21-mule (debian/main)
Maintainer: James LewisMoss <dres@debian.org>
  233790 [        ] xemacs21-mule fails during install

Package: xemacs21-packages (debian/main)
Maintainer: James LewisMoss <dres@debian.org>
  169861 [ +      ] xemacs21-packages: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends 
  233153 [        ] xemacs21-packages: FTBFS: Assertion failure compiling xemacs-devel

Package: xen (debian/main)
Maintainer: Adam Heath <doogie@brainfood.com>
  243048 [        ] package xen build-depends on gcc-3.2/g++-3.2

Package: xephem (debian/non-free)
Maintainer: Frank Jordan <fjordan@debian.org>
  225002 [        ] [X] xephem: Star data catalog being used (yale) cannot be distributed modified

Package: xfonts-gimpers (debian/main)
Maintainer: Bastien Nocera <hadess@hadess.net>
  190210 [        ] [X] Accessing Drift-font (xfonts-gimpers) in X causes X to crash

Package: xfree86 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian X Strike Force <debian-x@lists.debian.org>
  211765 [      UI] xfree86: material under GLX Public License and SGI Free Software License B is not DFSG-free

Package: xine-lib (debian/main)
Maintainer: Siggi Langauf <siggi@debian.org>
  246662 [     S  ] [TU] xine-lib: XSA-2004-1 opening a malicious MRL an attacker can write arbitrary content to an arbitrary file the user has access to.

Package: xmms (debian/main)
Maintainer: Josip Rodin <joy-packages@debian.org>
  246429 [        ] xmms segfaults on startup
  246601 [        ] xmms: does not start without libesd0 installed

Package: xonix (debian/main)
Maintainer: Adrian Bridgett <bridgett@debian.org>
  243948 [     S  ] CAN-2004-0157: drop privileges before invoking external mailer

Package: xpcd (debian/main)
Maintainer: Stephan A Suerken <absurd@debian.org>
  242772 [        ] xpcd_2.08-9: FTBFS: b-d on removed libgimp1.2-dev

Package: xpdf-reader (debian/main)
Maintainer: Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org>
  245943 [        ] xpdf-reader: bashism in /usr/bin/xpdf

Package: xproxy-http (debian/main)
Maintainer: Yann Dirson <dirson@debian.org>
  177312 [        ] [X] xproxy-http seems not to work at all

Package: xserver-xfree86 (debian/main)
Maintainer: Debian X Strike Force <debian-x@lists.debian.org>
  246642 [        ] new Xfree86 in unstable crashes with ATI Radeon on IBM Thinkpad

Package: xt-strategoxt (debian/main)
Maintainer: Quôc Peyrot <chojin@lrde.epita.fr>
  218747 [        ] [X] xt-strategoxt: FTBFS on arm

Package: xzx (debian/non-free)
Maintainer: Pawel Wiecek <coven@debian.org>
  240941 [        ] xzx: problem in debian/copyright

Package: yaboot (debian/main)
Maintainer: Warren A. Layton <zeevon@debian.org>
  244484 [        ] yabootconfig ignores initrd images

Package: yafray (debian/main)
Maintainer: Nick Rusnov <nickrusnov@debian.org>
  246432 [        ] yafray: Build-Depends on libstdc++5-dev

Package: zinf (debian/main)
Maintainer: Andreas Rottmann <rotty@debian.org>
  242706 [        ] zinf: Zinf crashes with segmentation fault when searching for MyMusic for the first time

Package: zmailer-ssl (non-US/main)
Maintainer: Hector Garcia <hector@debian.org>
  199609 [P+      ] zmailer-ssl: FTBFS: Broken Build-Depends on libgdbmg1-dev
  225061 [        ] zmailer-ssl: can't start router process

Package: zope (debian/main)
Maintainer: Luca - De Whiskey's - De Vitis <luca@debian.org>
  196590 [     S  ] [S] stable is missing several security updates

Package: zsh (debian/main)
Maintainer: Clint Adams <schizo@debian.org>
  245678 [        ] zsh: built-in rm -rf fills up the memory
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